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All you need to know about Christ University Awards and Scholarships 2017!

Christ University Awards and Scholarships 2017 : Objective, Awards,Scholarships & Installment Facility!

Objective of Scholarships given by Christ University

The OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS  is set up to recognize meritorious students in academics and co-curricular activities by means of awards and scholarships during the course of their academic pursuits in Christ University. The office will also support deserving students who may have to opt out of pursuing higher education due to economic reasons.

The office offers the following categories of awards and scholarships:

Awards given by Christ University

Award for Excellence: The award for excellence is instituted to recognise students who excel in academics and are toppers in their respective combinations. The award will be presented to students from all three years and courses and for all PG Courses.
Award for proficiency: The award for proficiency is in recognition of students who are diligent in their academics and holistic education. This is a nominative award based on the recommendation of the heads of the departments. The decision of the office is final.
Award for Co-curricular Activities: The award is instituted for all final year students who have actively participated in sports/cultural and club activities during the course of their studies. This is a nominative award based on the recommendation of the concerned teacher in charge. The selection list will be displayed in the month of March.

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Scholarships given by Christ University

Merit Scholarship: The merit scholarship is initiated for meritorious students based on their performance at the pre-entry level and subsequent performance in various tests and examinations.
The student will be awarded a merit scholarship in September each year. In the first year, the scholarship will be decided on the merit of the pre-entry marks, mid-semester test and attendance in regular classes. Merit scholarships for the consecutive years will be decided based on his/her performance in one end-semester and two mid-semester examinations of each year.

The scholarship will consist of a percentage refund of fees. Each combination will be considered for two merit scholarships. Combinations with more than one section will be considered proportionately.
The fee refund / reduction will be considered as follows.

Students in the fee range of :

Upto to Rs. 10,000 – 50%
Rs. 10,000-Rs 25,000 – 25% 
Above Rs. 25,000 – 10%
Scholarship for Financial Assistance: Students choosing to avail of this scholarship must apply to the Office of Awards and Scholarships with supporting documents. A student who enrolls in the first year degree or P.G. course who is economically weak but diligent, especially from rural areas is eligible to apply. He/she should furnish enough evidence of his/her eligibility enclosing community/ income certificate from an official not below the ranks of a revenue inspector. Applications will be scrutinised, and a final interview with or without a parent/guardian by the scholarship committee will decide his/her eligibility.
Students seeking this scholarship at the time of admission are expected to fill up a separate application for scholarship available along with their main application form and submit to the Office of Scholarships for perusal. The scholarship committee will then interview them on the allotted dates, and their concessions will be decided prior to the payment of their fees. The percentage of concession for different categories is recommended as follows:

Self financing courses – 0-50%
Others- -0-90%
A bond to the effect that the student will refund the scholarship amount if he or she leaves the university in between is to be executed.

For subsequent years, application forms must be availed from the Office of Awards and Scholarships from November 30th to 22nd December and submitted to the Office by the 20th of January for scrutiny.

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Installment Facility in Christ University

Students unable to pay their fees in one installment can avail this facility by filling a prescribed application form available in the Office of Admissions. Such applications can be processed through the office of scholarships on specified dates. This facility needs to be applicable only in cases where the total fee is above Rs.10000/-. The students must pay the installments on the days prescribed by the office in one or two installments.

Installments for PG courses will be monitored by the departments.

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