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He Has Sketched The Famous Scene Of DDLJ and P.K ! Meet The Marvellous Sketch Artist Anand Sharma!


From the famous scene of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to the the most innocent and amazing face of Aamir Khan in P K , this sketch artist from West Bengal has sketched everything !

Meet the sensational sketch artist , Anand Sharma whose sketches will amaze you.  He is an extremely talented artist and also a drawing teacher. He also has his own youtube channel where he uploads videos of paintings  He loves teaching students and takes great inspiration in preparing our generation to sketch every amazing memory in their own way .

Anand’s Youtube channel

He believes that Art is a poem without words !

Let us have a conversation with him as he reveals his memories as a sketch artist !

Sketching his favourite !

In a conversation with Anand –

In the world of photography where you can describe your thoughts and imaginations in such a beautiful way , why did you decide that sketching was your cup of tea?

My school life was very late and I was about 7 years old and I was alone at home because I was the only  child of my parents. Due to not having a friend, I started drawing just to recreate my mind. At that time there was no knowledge of what would happen in the future from art. But now sketching is my only thing , my only dream !

When you are sketching how much is instinctual vs planned?

When I started sketching first I do a rough  drawing on a page and that helps to make a perfect sketch in perfect position on the paper. And when you have drawn a rough sketch it gives you the confidence to make your sketch perfect and gives you new ideas to make the sketch even more brighter !

What difference do you find in the modern day sketches compared to the sketches of the older generations ?

There are so  many differences that I find , that’s  not at all  easy to explain in the words, but I can say modern day sketches are very improved compared  to the  older sketches.. In older sketches artists used charcoal for shading but in modern day may types of shading pencils are available in our Indian market that’s help to make a sketch.

The famous scene of DDLJ !


What type of sketches do you make ? Which sketch of yours is your favourite ?

I am mostly into potrait sketching! But as it is my dream I try all types of sketches !


Anand’s favourite sketch

And this is my favourite sketch !

Suppose you have to sketch someone in front of you , how do you manage to sketch the person and what are the thoughts in your mind when you need to sketch.

 I am not into  live sketch but some times when  I get chance to draw a live sketch ,  I just tell  the people in front of me “just keep watching me how I’m making your sketch” and  at that moment I only think  that I’m drawing  a photograph not a a live person.. That helps me to easily  make a live sketch .

What is the best way to exhibit a painting? Do you think that today painting is underappreciated?

I think social media is the best way to exhibit a painting or any any art works. I don’t think that today painting is underappreciated.

 Which “Picture perfect moment“ do you want to sketch and why ?

“Spring Season” is the picture perfect moment I want to sketch  because the colorful flowers and the butterflies are very attractive.

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What was so unique in Aamir khan’s character in PK that you decided to sketch four of it ?

PK is one of my favorite movies.
Aamir Khan’s character was so unique in PK that I wanted  to sketch the first look  when he came to earth with his remote controller..
Secondly in a scene Aamir Khan pushes his ears while seeing in the mirror
The third one is with yellow helmet where he is  trying to find out God and distributing pamphlet..
And lastly is the very funny scene where Aamir trying to explain to Tapasvi that “Dharm ka connection fashion se hai”
Aamir’s amazing face in PK

  What advice would you give to youngsters who are interested in sketching or want to pursue it as a career ?

“Keep working hard. love the system, and the  system will loves you.”

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