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All About the Hostel and Campus Life at Christ University!

Christ University : Campus Life ,Hostels,Academics & Cultural Activities!

Christ University at a glance 

First things first, if you are seriously considering admission in Christ University, Bangalore, get physically fit and practice running. If you think your dainty legs won’t be up for this task, buy a hover-board, because, to attend your classes and keep up your attendance percentage will need one

Christ University

Campus Life in Christ University

Despite the stringent rules, CCTV cameras, dress codes and a conformist outlook, student life at Christ’s is frenetic but excellent. Given that you have had time to wrap your head around the rules and regulations of CU, it’s one of the best campuses to foster yourself academically, intellectually, socially and come out as a whole new person. The campus is huge enough for the vast number of students to have a quiet or fun moment of their own. CU has many clubs where you can join. Make sure you’re a part of a few as you’ll get to meet like minded, friendly people from all over the country with whom you can have gifted banters on books, movies, quantum physics and anything that catches your eye.

As the main campus is not located far from the residential areas of the city, there are plenty of places to drink/eat/hangout when the mood strikes. If you are looking for constancy in your palette and flavors, there are several options available outside the campus, depending on your pocket.

Hostel Life in Christ University 

The Christ University hostels are incredibly lush and comfortable to stay.It comes with a set of stringent rules that one needs to abide by whether they like it or not. The fathers keep a strict eye on all hostelities and have zero tolerance for consumption of alcohol and cigarettes inside the campus. All electronic gadgets are allowed inside the hostels, be it a laptop, camera, tablet and you are also allowed to keep up with your music practice involving instruments, within a certain limit. Weekend leaves are granted to boarders after they have applied for it and have received a written confirmation from the father. Attendance at hostel is closely monitored and one must be inside by 9 pm sharp. In case you decide to take off for a night and chill at your friend’s PG, a fax will be send to your family intimating them about the same.

Academics and Faculty in Christ University 

CU takes its academics very seriously, so prepare yourself to work hard or perform decorously to the least. There are continuous Internal Assignments and at times you may feel flabbergasted. But worry not you’ll deal with it gradually. The professors are great and  they have excellent dominion knowledge, so it’s good to maintain a great rapport with them to make the best of your time at CU.


Christ University

Cultural Activities in Christ University 

Christ University provides you endless possibilities for creative outlet with fests, activities, workshops and competitions being organized at a regular basis. There is hardly a week in CU that goes without a fest or competition being hosted by one of the many departments in the varsity. The fest will take you to a different world itself with its colourful props and theme based decorations organized with exceptional care and dedication by the students.

Darpan, In Print, Blossoms, Mangovite, Swad, Maadyam, Dance Extravaganza, Esprit Vistas, Campus Connect, In Bloom are some of the popular fests that takes place annually. On a regular basis, street plays and campus fairs are pretty common. Flash Mobs and beat boxing are a regular activity in the campus especially during the lunch hours. The official Choir of Christ University is exceptionally talented and an integral part of various fests that are organized. Thus practice hard if you want to be a part of this prestigious group.

Christ University  is indeed a gold mine, waiting to be explored!

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