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Meet The ‘Master Of All’ Romy Bhati Who Is Meant To Stand Out From The Crowd For His Multi-Talent In Beat-Boxing, Choreography, Dreadlock Artist And Freelance Modeling!


“Success is no accident, It is hard-work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Meet the perfect example for this quote, Romy Bhati , a 22 year old guy with an excessively creative mind ,who loves to learn unique things and is not afraid of doing experiments with new stuffs. He has pursued  Mechanical Engineering but professionally he is a lot more. Romy is a Beatboxer, a dreadlocks artist, a Choreographer and a freelance model, thus a multi-talented guy indeed. Along with all these he is also working as a Credit manager in a diamond firm of NY which is Belgium New York LLC. Romy Bhati has excelled in each and every field that he has worked in. He has worked as an Assistant Choreographer in Jhalak Dikhlaja Season 9, and also in Nach Baliye Season 7.

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Lets get to know more about Romy Bhati through our conversation:

1. How did you discover this unique talent of ‘beatboxing ‘ in you?

Most of the things I have learnt from Internet only and Beatboxing is one of them and is best one I will say, becoming a Beatboxer is totally random for me, I was watching TV and came to know bout this thing and found it cool so Thought to give a try to beatboxing. I have learnt it from YouTube videos and kept it in practice and still trying to learn it at my best.

2. Tell us about your biggest achievements!

I would say my biggest achievement is my art because of which I have got popularity amongst the people and yeah it feels so awesome to be appreciated.

3. Is ‘beat-boxing ‘ a profession or more of a passion for you?

It’s more a passion for me, I have never thought that It will become my profession too and when you start earning with your art it becomes your profession. But yeah I do beat-boxing because I just love it.


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4. As you are a freelance model as well, so I would like to know, Is modeling only about fame and popularity as normally people assume or there is more to it that we are unaware of?

It totally depends on the person’s thinking. Most of the people think that its just a source of Fame, but if we see it in deep It’s someone’s life and just like god for them. I am not at all into Ramp modeling , I just do freelancing for photographers so it’s just a part of interest for me.

5. Tell us all about your first big shoot!

Honestly, I have not done any big kind of shoots, but the shoots I have done are unique on which I am proud of.


6. Tell us about the beginning of your dance career, how it all started?

Becoming a dancer is the biggest turning point of my life, I was totally a shy guy and having so less confidence , till my 12thstandard I have never did a single dance step. But when I have started my college I was like Okay!! I need to stand out and do something on which I can feel proud so I decided to become a dancer and have joined a dance class in town but  didn’t find it worth learning from them. And then because of bad financial conditions have left the classes and learnt from YouTube and started practicing by self. It was the best learning for me.

7. Tell us about your experience as a choreographer in Jhalak Dikhlaja & Nach Baliye!

That was the best experience of my entire life, just like every common person I was having a dream to meet my favorite superstars. And luckily I got a chance to love my dream. Being an Assistant Choreographer in reality shows was just awesome.I use to spend most of the time with Celebrities and have experienced s bit of their lifestyles and came to know bout the inner reality. Overall it was the best learning experience of my life.


8. Is it not difficult to form a completely new set of steps everytime you perform as people expect unique stuffs always, so how do you manage that!

Obviously it is such a big challenge, but when your are totally concentrated on a single thing and think about the same day and night so you get more creative stuff from your mind.

9. What is something that keeps you strong when things get difficult in your career?

“Family support”, it’s my biggest strength because family is the first priority for everyone I think so. I am blessed that I have a super supportive family who never stop me to do anything which is good for me. Because of my offbeat garb I am used to hearing from people so many times “Don’t your parents say you anything??” and I am always like NO, not at all. This is what I am proud of and in they help me in each and every step of my career.


10. Any message you would like to deliver to others!

The only rule I follow in my life is “Just listen to your heart”, do whatever you want to do in your life but do it at it’s best. People will always mock you and try to let you down but after all it’s about your life not their. Also , just be a good hearted person always.

Be insouciant!!

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