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Team INFERNO Ranked #1 in India and #9 in Asia Builds Super Mileage Cars That Cover 240 Km Per Litre ! Meet The Team Of Superheroes From Sir. MVIT-Bangalore

I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreamsso I built it myself.”- Ferdinand Porsche. 

In India, undoubtedly Petroleum products are utilized widely in everyday lives, especially to energize vehicles. Countless news articles and personalities recommend everyone to restrict the use of petrol as much as possible can be seen almost every day. While the practical implication of it seems to be a far fetched dream, the alternate approach would be manufacturing of vehicles to magnify the mileage of the engines to use resources to the fullest. It is therefore, wondrous to see these skilled engineering students from Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore who have come together and formed ‘Team Inferno’ which singularly concentrates on manufacturing of super mileage cars. Team Inferno has also represented India in the Shell Eco-Marathon Competition at an International level. Shell Eco-Marathon invites student teams around the globe to design, create, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles and their work has been appreciated by business tycoon like Anand Mahindra- CEO, Mahindra & Mahindra. They have built cars that are able to cover 240km/Litre ranking them first in India and 9th in Asia. They unquestionably have been securing India’s pride and are determined to proceed. It was accordingly exceptional interviewing members of this talented group, Inferno.

Super-mileage car manufactured by Team Inferno in 2017

Team Inferno Exclusive Interview for Student Stories:

It’s pleasant having you here. Please let us know more about your Team ‘Inferno’

Team ‘Inferno’ fundamentally builds super mileage cars. INFERNO is a 6-year-old team which was formed by us, mechanical engineering students of SIR M. Visveswarya Institute of Technology, Bangalore in 2011. Since then, we have been working to provide genuine contribution in the realm of fuel efficiency in terms of attaining super mileage. We have also represented India at an International level in Shell Eco-Marathon competition.

What exactly do you work on?

Every year we compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon Competition held in Singapore. It is a tremendous competition where teams from 108 countries compete against one another and give their 100% to build super mileage cars in various fuel categories like gasoline, electric hybrid, hydrogen, etc. All the aspiring engineers from different colleges and universities across globe take part in this event.

Tell us more about your current project.

We are currently in the exploration of conventional replacement and equivalents for non-renewable resources for encouraging an eco-friendly environment. Our team strives on promoting efficient use of the depleting fuels. Preferably, different other kinds of fuel can be used such as electric-hybrid, hydrogen etc. which attain high-grade efficiency and a decorous environment.

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Is the project only for a few definite engineering branches?

It’s expected for everyone to consider that only mechanical branch can deal in the building and manufacturing of a vehicle but it is not correct. In fact, our team is composed of students from several other engineering branches . For example, the Electrical and Electronics Department students administers the electrical reciprocates and tuning of the ECU and transmission. Computer Science Department students assists  in the programming of customary codes for the ECU. The Biotech Department students provides aspects and inputs based on the fuel and numerous characters of its elements. In the Public Relations Department, students with good management skills take care of the marketing and other PR related work for the team.

What are your achievements so far?

With our uniform execution, we were able to accomplish a super-mileage of 240kmpl of gasoline in the prototype category. We have been highlighted on Pakistan’s defense site for this accomplishment. We were also welcomed by India Manufacturing Show for the exhibition, where we were able to attract honorable Anand Mahindra, CEO of Mahindra & Mahindra’s attention. He has tweeted a photograph of ours on his twitter handle felicitating us on our innovation. We have been ranked 1st in India and 9th in Asia out of 156 teams who participated in the event.

shell eco marathon 2016 team winner asia
Team Inferno in Shell Eco -Marathon Asia 2016

Does studying and contriving a project simultaneously exhaust you?

It is clear that engineers have to go through multiple theoretical concepts but the implementation of these in actual life, increasing the practical information represents a true engineer. While serving this team, we have been discovering all the traits of a well-managed company as the work discipline, time management, and overall teamwork play an important role in molding one’s personality. With this team, we get exposure at an international level as well as from the corporations while we address them for sponsorship. We are certain that following the completion of our engineering course, the experiences we had so far, will help us to survive in the corporate society.

Proud members of Team Inferno representing India at the Shell Eco-Marathon, Singapore, 2017

What are the challenges that you generally face?

Basically, for obtaining fuel-efficient super mileage cars, modified custom parts are needed according to the constraint and it is tricky to systematize such components due to complicated manufacturing methods. The shipment has to be initiated almost 2 months before the competition. So, manufacturing of these techno-scientific components and the shipment within the peculiar timing comes for a high-end investment which is the main challenge.

What about the economic assistance?

The International competition needs the shipment of a genuine car and also the construction of this car demands a righteous value of sponsorship. Although our college assists us financially we endeavor the aid of countless companies associated to this domain directly or indirectly. The companies provide the support where they too get exposure at an international level. They are profited positively.

What tips would you like to provide to aspiring students like you?

For the overall growth of a student, core knowledge, as well as soft skills, are very necessary. One should not solely be into the books but also should be a component of co-curricular pursuits by enrolling for numerous workshops, clubs, organizations, and fests. Only a sharpened interest can benefit to earn practical learning. Start preparing projects in the fields of your interest. We have discovered a lot from our team and students with same interest should operate on competing too. For beginners, enrollment in regional events shall profit them a lot too.


Team Inferno with the CEO of Shell India at the Shell Eco-Marathon Singapore, 2017

We wish Team Inferno will continue making India proud with more successful innovations.


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