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Meet Nikhil Tomar, A Photographer, Traveller And Educator For Special Children, Also Founder Of “Travel Militia”.

Nikhil Tomar is a 21- year old freelance photographer and a consultant special educator. He has been working as a consultant teacher for children with disabilities since 2014. Nikhil completed his Diploma in Special Education (Mental Retardation) from National Institute of Mentally Handicapped in 2014. He also completed his Bachelor of Arts and received a scholarship during his college times. He has an unending passion for photography, traveling, art and teaching. Through his photography, he tries to bring out the best possible form of his artistic expressions.

He has participated in various national and international photography competitions along with grants like Ian Parry Scholarship 2016, Getty Images Prestige Grant, 35 photo awards (Russia), Canon Photo Marathon, 24HourProject, etc. He exhibits fine knowledge of street, daily life, portraiture, travel, landscape photography, photo storytelling, painting and filming travel videos. His work has been recently published on various online platforms and selected for an exhibition also.

Awards & Achievements:-

Selected as an Ambassador for 24HourProject.
Photo Selected for book cover of 24HourProject.
One street photo has been recently featured in the Creative Image Magazine by Sir Raghu Rai- 2017
Four Photographs Exhibited in Indian Habitat Centre by Ministry of India- 2017


In Conversation with Nikhil:-

Q. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

The most exciting thing about traveling is that it’s like a painting. Every time you are on a new journey it’s just like a fresh canvas which you will paint with all those magical colors of people, experiences, places, cultures, and emotions.


Q. Tell us about the “Travel Militia”?

Travel Militia is the community I formed along with my elder brother Rahul Tomar last year. As the Name itself depicts it’s a community of like-minded travellers who are really bringing a positive change in traveling field. The main idea behind this community of ours is to make an eco-friendly and responsible traveling the main priority. We help bring together like-minded artists and travellers to share there experiences and stories to help other aspiring travellers to get benefits from experienced travellers and adventure professionals. The Main core team of Travel Militia is a bunch of very talented and most amazing travellers and artists. The core members are – Amit Vakil, Roshan, Kanwar, Nikhil Tomar, Rahul Tomar, Nitish Waila.




Q. What’re the positive & Negative aspects of Travelling?

Well as I told earlier traveling is like a painting on a canvas you can never paint the same every time no matter how precise you are. So same is with traveling sometimes your experiences can be so beautiful and overwhelmingly full of magical memories and vice versa too. Because experiences are not in our control they are just there to be taken as they are no matter good or bad. It’s simply life and that is what makes traveling one of the most consolidated parts of life get experiences the more you travel the more you start craving for the real experiences.


Q. Which is your favorite place you visited till date & why?

Every place I have visited till date has its own pieces of favorites in my life but the most favorite one has been Losar (Spiti Valley). That place hit me right in the bloodstream of emotions which I can never express in words. I still remember that evening when the sunset engulfed my soul just like good God has given you his hand and took you along. This the place I promised to visit again and again. And hopefully, I am going there soon.



Q. Is there any “Dream trip” in your Mind? If Yes, which place you want to visit?

Well, the dream trip is to experience northern lights in Iceland and Norway. The Aurora borealis has fascinated me since childhood and this is really something want to gaze whole night.


Q. What is the most beautiful thing you found about new places and people?

Well, you know what’s the most beautiful thing in this world is “You” yourself traveling just gives you that road to find the real you inside and makes you what you actually are. It brings the real you to people. Visiting places, connecting to people knowing their stories and culture deeply helps you connect with your own self and you start that journey of finding yourself in every other place and people you meet. All those stories you hear you become a part of it just like that main character in it. It makes you grounded and helps to know your roots.

Travel Militia Team

Q. What message or any pro tips you want to give to our Travelling lovers??

Hahahaha I am not a professional traveller so won’t be able to give any pro tips but one thing I want to share which I learnt over this period of time is this that when you travel just travel with all your heart don’t worry about what others think no matter whether you are a female/male. Be the real expression of yourself meet people meet places meet everything that comes along with every ounce of you. Give it time to get into your blood and will find homes in places and people you never had an idea of. Stay grounded and stick to your roots be kind and humble. Cherish the experiences take good ones in your pockets and bad ones as your reminders that’s it.

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