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Rohit Jogadia, The Co-Founder Of HelloTuckers, Teaches Us How Self Discipline And Determination Can Set Us Apart From Others!


Mr. Rohit Jogadia is an entrepreneur. He was an introvert initially. Hence, he wanted to break his chains and wanted the whole world to listen to his thoughts. Thus, he decided to do everything he wanted to and changed his jobs 12 times in 2 years, finally becoming an entrepreneur. He is a football coach as well as a food enthusiast. He wants to open up another business venture soon. Being an entrepreneur, has changed him from being a thinker to becoming an executioner.

He says that one has to be patient enough to become successful. According to him, one should find his/her passion and work solely towards the things that give happiness. He says that he always thinks what is it that he wants to do next. He jots down things that seem important to him and always plans the day beforehand to complete all the tasks. being this systematic has taken him to places he could never even dream of. For his further views, tune in the interview below-

Founders of Hello Tuckers!

1. Everyone has their own unique story, tell us about your story and the struggles that you faced.

I’ve never been an outspoken nor have been an extrovert in terms of standing up for myself or supporting my ideas in any way. Been a guy in the school, college who was never the face for anything unless someone stood up for me or spoke on my behalf. I always used to prefer to be the guy behind the curtains and yet craved to break the barrier and speak up. After, graduating I was still that shy, reserved guy who had numerous thoughts budding inside his little head waiting to be shared. Soon I decided to turn my hobbies into something productive & came to a conclusion that I have too many things on my list and wanted to pursue each and every one of them. Within a span of two years I had already hopped almost 12 different job profiles and worked into different departments getting exposure and experience with all tastes of individuals. This indeed helped me to nurture myself and cultivate my individual skills. And now I stand successfully running a football coaching academy, leading a Public Relations department of one of the well known media agency in town and running a food blog along with with my partner, with other ventures in the pipeline.

2. How has being an entrepreneur changed or developed you as a person?

When we talk about drastic changes in a certain person physically, mentally or hypothetically, I can now see myself as to how being an entrepreneur has helped me to move one brick at a time and develop me as a person as I’ve always destined to be. I’ve lived every moment thinking about what I am doing, what I am going to do next and what exactly the possible outcome would be. I’ve been on both the ends of a conversation and have learned the skill to tackle or solve an issue in a productive way. On a second thought, never a second goes as to when I’m not thinking or jotting down pointers to improve or change or execute things. I believe an important first step is to visualize as to what you want to do and the most important and the crucial point is to execute it. I have transformed from being a thinker to an executioner.

Break the chains, LIVE !

3. Do you think all the hard working entrepreneurs are essentially successful?

Yes, I do. People have always made it evident that smart workers are more successful than the hard workers. But I would say that the hard workers are the ones who put in that little extra effort in everything they do irrespective of the outcome. They tend to have explored all the options, outcomes and exactly know what is going to work & what isn’t. So in the end when time comes to do the right thing they know which buttons to press and which buttons to leave as it is.

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4. Describe to us the best moment of your life.

It was the day when my father called me up one fine Sunday afternoon and said Rohit you are a self made man and I’m proud of you. My family always considered my IIM graduate brother more than me and it used to hurt to know he always had a upper hand in every aspect of life. But this little thing which my dad exclaimed made a significant difference.

5. Do you always have to have a new idea for being an entrepreneur?

No. I never had a new & bustling idea in my head when I started. I technically was a thinker who turned into a doer with keen attention to details. In every work or task I picked up I paid extreme attention to details and made sure whatever I gave in return was more than what was expected out of me.

6. What is one quality that distinguishes you from all the entrepreneurs out there?

I’m a person who once sets his head to a thing won’t deter from it. I always have my commitment to work and dedication intact with diligence and discipline at all times. Plus, I’m known for my level of patience to work, listen and react.

7. What will be your message to the readers?

Be patient with every aspect of life. Let life take its course. Don’t rush, take time and be attentive to details (it speaks for itself). Secondly, once you achieve your goal don’t forget each and every person who helped you achieve it no matter how minute of a help it was. Always be courteous and humble in your nature and it will surely take you places.


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