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A Multi-talented Fashion And Lifestyle Blogger Who Left Her College For Her Passion; Meet, Anusha from Delhi.



Meet Anusha from Delhi who is Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. From the start, she knew that she wasn’t made for regular jobs or work so she left her college for her passion for Fashion blogging and Makeup. It’s not that she chose Fashion Blogging but it’s like Fashion Chose her. She works very hard to create creative new content for her audience. She got a great feedback from people on social media for her makeup, and hence she decided to make it at professional level & well managed. Other than Fashion and Makeup she’s good at Painting, Dancing & Music too.

Let’s hear her views:-

Q. What struggles did you face for reaching on this platform?

Initially, I didn’t properly understand the techniques that go into blogging on social media and also it requires constant attention, so sometimes I would lack behind in being consistent in posting my work.

Q. What sparked your interest in blogging?

The thing that sparked my interest in blogging was when I use to get feedback from people, saying that my posts are proving to be helpful. I figured that I should do it properly and professionally and create a good profile of quality giving worthwhile insights.


Q. Who is your motivation or inspiration even when you’re on this level?

My motivation is my lovely viewers who support me and keep me going on doing what I do.

Q.How do you keep yourself updated even when the Fashion & Trend is keep on changing every day?

I basically always just try to do the best I can, so that when someone sees a picture, it should portray quality. Every time I see something interesting, I try to take the feel of that and turn it into my way, so that’s why even though the fashion trends are changing every day. I just try to do what I like best and what I think looks good because I feel the most important thing is to have an eye for what’s good or not.

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Q.Do you think youngsters should consider blogging as their full-time career option?

I completely support anyone who would want to do blogging as their full-time job, because in today’s world the most important thing is “ reach “ and as a blogger, you get to provide that.

Q.What are your plans for near future?

Well, in near future I want to start collaborating with other good bloggers and influencers to expand my information as well as experience.

Q.What advice would you like to give to young aspirants in this field?

I would just like to advise them to think of quality before anything else and know their stuff and what they do and also support everyone out there trying to do something.

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