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Meet, Shubhangi Patil, 18 Whose Writings Depict The Harsh Reality Of Today’s Society And Is An Inspiration To All!


It is from the root that the change needs to be brought. Let us get to know an inspiration who is doing a great job at bringing a change to the society, 18 years old Shubhangi Patil from Maharastra. No she is not a poet or some published author, but her writings are what the society needs to read at the current scenario. Her writings are completely feministic, based on the different incidents and tortures the women of our society is facing daily. From the rape incidents to period taboo every important stuffs are addressed by this very young girl in her writings. She has already gained popularity on Instagram with 28k followers due to her inspirational work.


Let us get into a conversation with Shubhangi Patil:

1. What are your writings mainly based on? And how do you get the ideas to start off with the writings?

Commonly my writeups are based on the serious topics of women which are not even taken seriously in our society. That is on periods, molestation, harrashment, dowry, inequality etc. I think a year ago, I read something that got me thinking. A woman was raped. Instead of consoling her people were brutally blaming her for that reason. Was it really her fault? That got into my nerves. Why victims are always criticize rather than culprits? Why India is not a safe place for women? Why after the independence of 71 years still women are fighting for freedom? These questions puted me into profound contemplation. It led me to do something then I created a page ‘I want change’ on Instagram. From that day I’m mentioning these issues through my writings

2. What made you feel that you should start addressing the social issues to the common people by your writing and why do you feel that it is important in our society?

India is economically growing and developing, gender inequality is a problem where it lacks behind which needs to be addressed immediately. There’s a quotation by Jawaharlal Nehru, “you can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.” Therefore sustainable and long-term development is not possible without the participation and empowerment of women.

3. What makes you feel that our society still lags behind in “freedom of speech “?

“Stop teaching girls to behave properly. Teach men to respect women. Whenever you think about disrespecting a woman, think about how you were born into this world. She doesn’t comes from your ribs, you came from her vagina.”


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4. How are you planning to change the mentalities and removing the negativities from our society? Are you satisfied with the influence you are creating on people right now?

To bring a change, be the change you want to see in society. I believe a small step towards a change can bring a big change. To remove the negativities from the society first all the evil roots of the patriarchal mentality should be pulled out. It’s high time to grow up and have a proper sex education. Everyone deserves equal right, opportunity and respect. Today’s youth should not be misleaded by their thinking. If this happens then they will grow and become a part of it called Indian society. Now I’m aiming to make my Instagram community into a virtual community. I wanted to make India a safe free country which is only possible when everyone will reunite for a betterment and change.


5. Tell us about your biggest inspiration in life!

Each and every person around me inspired me. Especially, saloni chopra who is my role model. Her words always uplift me. She’s breaking all the stereotypical thoughts, stigma and norms attached by society so fiercely. She’s bold and badass. I really love her.

6. Few unknown facts about yourself!

I’m an introvert person. I love spending time with myself. I have a overfond for animals especially cats.


7. Any message you would like to give to others?

I just want to say if you can’t be a feminist then at least be a humanist. A human above all religions and society. If you see something wrong happening then don’t ignore. Go and take a Stand, Speak up and Empower. Don’t stay quiet. Stand for the truth and be a change. Because I WANT CHANGE.

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