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Gear Up For The Asia’s Largest Technical Entrepreneurial Fest, ‘Techkriti’18, The Theme For This Year Being “Prism Of Possibilities”!


Finally the time has come. Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial fest, Techkriti returns. It signifies the creation or innovation of technology, and it goes without saying that it is one of the best and most awaited tech fests in the country. The excitement is already rising with the pre-fest events of Techkriti 2018. Techkriti’18 is scheduled from 15th to 18th March. The theme for this year is “Prism of Possibilities”. It serves as a prism to the masses to refract innovation through their own perspectives and creation and proffers leadership in full colors. Every day in the festival introduces a new beginning, all psyched up to disperse into the horizon of infinite possibilities. It holds a lot of workshops, talks and competitions with very large prize money. It also have pro-shows in which celebs like Sonu Nigam, Sapan Verma, Morgan & Zephyr Tone and many more come and show their talents.

Everything you have to know about it-

Q1) Tell us about the historical background of Techkriti.

Techkriti is an annual inter-collegiate technical and entrepreneurship festival organized by the students of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. It was launched in 1995 with the aim of developing interest and encouraging innovation in technology among students. The festival is held over four days every March, attracting footfall of over 40,000 from around 1400 colleges all over the world. Techkriti was first held in the year 1995, and has since grown into one of the largest technical and entrepreneurial festivals in Asia.


Q2) What is the major goal or mission behind the fest and how do you plan on achieving it?

Our mission is to foster and improve the level of technical and entrepreneurial culture of the society. We try our best to achieve this by organising interesting talks, an extravaganza of events and competitions, even at the grassroot level.


Q3) Tell us in details about the events arranged in Techkriti 2018!

As we mentioned, earlier, Techkriti organises a variety of events and competitions, like TGP, CTF, IMP, etc, the complete list is available on its site. This year a few more events are being organised, like Biobuzz and Mandakini. Also we have a great many talks from well-known, renowned individuals, whose talks motivate the youth and inspire then to innovate, and achieve their dreams.

Check out the various competitions here

Check out the workshops here


Q4) As we know every year, Techkriti, as a part of its social campaigns addresses one major issue in our world. What is it this year and why do you think it is essential for the society?

Techkriti ’17 took up an initiative to spread literacy and quality education to all sections of our society under its social initiative H.O.P.E. (Handing Opportunities by Promoting Education). Through H.O.P.E, we aimed at reaching out to kids who do not have adequate access to education and make learning a joy accessible to all. Another attempt of Techkriti to give back to the society was the ‘Spreading Smiles’ campaign, where we aimed at sending out positive messages to the stressed youngsters. Another extension to the Spreading Smiles campaign was ‘Make a Wish’, under which team Techkriti visited Subhash Children Home and fulfilled the wish of the children to have a sports and hobby room. Also, to sensitize the society towards the needs of the 22% of Indian Population which lives below poverty line with no access to proper water, food or shelter, leave alone the measures to combat the cold weather, Techkriti undertook the Winter Collection Drive in as many as 6 cities. We along with Prayas and other NGO’s are working to educate the children. We also have a health campaign where we are organizing health camps in nearby areas in association with the hospitals of Kanpur and Lucknow. We along with Goonj had also organized a collection drive to help the affected people of Uttarakhand. Techkriti ‘18 is continuing with this social campaign, and wants to achieve more height, and help the society, in a holistic level.


Q5) Tell us about the sponsors for Techkriti!

We have a whole lot of sponsors, for our event. The complete list is available on the site . Some worth mentioning, are Juniper Networks, which was the title sponsor for Techkriti for 2 consecutive years. This shows our trust with the sponsors, without whom, our event wouldn’t have been a great success.

Q6) How do you manage to get collaborations from other universities?

Techkriti is a mutual collaboration, between the top universities of India. We have around 500 campus ambassadors as a part of our team and by them, we have a reach to over 1400 top universities of India.


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