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Meet The Popular Instagram Influencer, Fashion Buyer, Model Gauri Mehta, Whose Fashion Skills Are Admired By All!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Meet Gauri Mehta, the Fashion Buyer of the brand ‘Red Tag’, Fashion Model and a very popular Instagram Influencer with 226k Instagram followers. Gauri is originally from Mumbai but because of her professional life she is presently based in Dubai. She was only 18 years old when she had her first big shoot for the famous brand ‘Jack and Jones’, which was a huge self-confidence booster for Gauri after which she kept rising in this industry. According to Gauri, being in front of the camera encourages her and boosts her confidence level. The bold and confident Gauri Mehta is the style icon of every girl of the present generation.


Let us get into a conversation with Gauri Mehta:

1. Is modeling only about fame and popularity as normally people assume or there is more to it that we are unaware of?

I have always considered modelling as a platform for showcasing one’s love for fashion and style. Models are the mediators of personal sense of style going well in sync with the brand or campaign.

Speaking of myself, I have always been attracted towards glamour. Fashion showcasing or modelling gives you a chance of overcoming your insecurities and being comfortable with your body and mind, which in turn acts a self confidence booster

2. Tell us all about your first big shoot!

My first big shoot was when i was 18 years old – For a brand called ‘Jack and Jones’

It was a huge self confidence booster and made me love what i do even more.


3. There are a lot of struggles and competitions in this field, what are the struggles that you’ve faced? How do you prepare yourself for this competitive world?

The main struggle is competition. If you don’t maintain the same focus, health, body type, there is always someone to step up and take your place.

Another struggle would be that modelling is, in a way, seasonal. There are some days where you can achieve multiple shoots or campaigns and during other days, very few.

Thus, for me this is not something i can rely on for an all-time basis. I have have a backup to utilize my time with my job – in Fashion Buying,


4. Something which is necessary for a model is maintaining figure, so tell us about your diet or what do you do to keep yourself so fit?

As a model, one of the main focus should be on fitness.

For me, i do more of fitness sessions outside of the gym, that gives more flexibility and appeal to my body – Belly dancing, Pole fitness, Body Pump etc

For diet, i try to control my night meals – by sticking to a salad or a soup.

If there may be a requirement, sometimes a crash diet needs to be done for a short time – maybe a week.

5. Few unknown facts about Gauri Mehta!

I am the kind of girl who loves being in front of the camera, not only for the attention but because every time it boosts my confidence a little more high and enhances my esteem,

But also i stick to the classic shoots or campaigns that suits my personality and don’t really try to experiment with many new things.


6. Is the modelling world all about appearance and beauty or is there more talent required? Tell us about it.

Well, modelling world is about beauty, no denial there. But the definition of that beauty has changed over the years.

Nowadays, brands look for all sorts of models – tall, short, dark-skinned, plus sized etc. The term modelling has broadened over time.

Also, having the beauty and not the attitude also doesn’t quite work out. The right attitude, confidence is required if any campaign needs to be conducted successfully.

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7. There must be days when a model is not comfortable shooting maybe due to some clothes or the ambience, how do you think a proper model should handle such a situation?

It is important to set your conditions clearly before any shoot.

This can happen when both parties share proper details of the deliverables.

Any model can object any time if she isn’t comfortable, as this wasn’t informed to her earlier.


8. There is no certainty in this field. What do you need to do everytime to get a new project? If by chance you don’t get one how do you tackle such a situation?

You need to be seen on platforms every now and then to be visible enough to brands and agencies – in other words, need to be active on social media.

For me, i knew about this being an uncertain field, thereby have a backup job in hand so that modelling can be fit into my schedule as and when required.

9. Is there any special memory you would like to share with us?

I think everytime i am in front of a camera i feel more happy and confident about myself than ever. It’s not one memory, it’s all of them.


10.What message would you like to give to the youth who are looking forward to pursue this career?

I think it is a great way to live your dreams – if you love being in limelight, you will eventually love this field. But also, there is least certainty in this profession compared to the rest, thus you should always have a backup plan.


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