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Alert! Jadavpur University – Overview, Rankings And Reasons For Choosing It!

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Jadavpur University-  aim , mission and overview, All India rankings of Jadavpur University, Facilities in Jadavpur University

An overview of Jadavpur University (JU):

A group of alumni members once referred to it as “The Educational Downtown of Joy”, we refer to it as JU, Jadavpur University is a public state university in Kolkata. It has a total of two campus with its main campus located in Jadavpur and the new one in Salt Lake.

We are at a point in our career where the simple decision of selecting a college is going to make all the difference!

Now the big question is, why select Jadavpur? What difference can it make in our career?

All India rankings of Jadavpur University (JU) :

JU has been ranked within top 10 Indian Research Institution as per report of International  comparative performance of India’s research base (2009-2014). Later in 2014 it was re-accredited by NAAC with a CGPA of 3.68/4 point scale at A grade for a period of 8 years!


What is the main aim of Jadavpur University(JU)?

JU is a globally recognized prime university and is dedicated at creating leaders who will “fashion a more humane and fair world”!

JU has well trained and esteemed educated group of professionals to guide and add value to the courses so that graduates and undergraduates develop interest in their respective field and adopt the quality to become global leaders of tomorrow.

Countries may be separated by boundaries but education has no boundaries! Transcending the boundaries of international borders, JU has been actively involved in establishing collaboration on strategic services with various esteemed institutions all over the globe.

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Facilities in Jadavpur University(JU)!

JU has a well equipped digital library which is accessible to everyone whenever required. Other than that, they have advanced classrooms and hostel facilities. There is also a sports area which gives access to all kinds of sports.

What Jadavpur Univeristy mainly focuses on is, to impart knowledge regarding personality development and leadership qualities. Overall providing a friendly atmosphere and cooperative faculties, JU is the perfect place for a college student.

official website of Jadavpur University

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