Admission Alert, 2017 Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT) : A TOUR!


Overview of the VIT campus, Academic Blocks in VIT, Auditorium and Conference Facilities at VIT, Food department of VIT


Overview of the VIT campus.

Covering 250 acres area, VIT has a well-planned and comprehensive infrastructure provided for both students and faculty. With fully equipped labs and well furnished classrooms, auditoriums, plus open spaces, outdoor stages and many more facilities, this campus serves all needs of a student perfectly.


All about the academic blocks of VIT!

There are 7 extremely specialized academic blocks for each particular fields, they are as follows:

  • Main Building: The heart of the university! This building bears the most important offices for solving every student’s problems, such as Chancellor’s Office, Admissions Office, Finance Office, the Director of Student Welfare Office and the IR Relations Office. It also has the main auditoriums used for grand events and discussions.
  • CBMR: The Centre for Bio-Medical Research. The complete block is packed with research labs with the latest technology with regard to cell biology and animal tissue culture, smart classrooms and conference halls used for Bio-med conferences and seminars.
  • Silver Jublee Tower: With enormous smart classrooms and international standard computer labs, this building serves as an ideal place for students to learn.
  • D. Naidu Block: This building consists of the Administrative Block, Hostel Blocks and Workshop cum Laboratories Workshop.
  • Technology Tower: It is an architectural marvel and currently houses 3 schools- SELECT, SENSE and SAS.’
  • Centre of Disaster Mitigation and Management
  • Sir M Vishveshvaraiya Building: The building is in the shape of a hexagon consisting of gigantic classrooms and well-equipped labs, mostly Chemical and Biotechnology Labs. L. Mudaliar block: Shortly referred as the ALM block is one of the most important buildings in the college. This building caters all the medical needs and emergencies of the entire college for three full floors.

Auditorium and Conference Facilities at VIT:

A wide conference hall has been made to provide the students exposure to national and international workshops and conferences hosted in our campus. There are 5 such auditoriums in different locations. ‘Anna Audi’  commonly used by students is nothing short of being a marvel. Able to accommodate 1800 students and spread over an area of 15436 sq. feet , it has been built with centralised air conditioners , Wi-fi service and a spectacular stage along with green rooms and perfect amount of lighting.

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For all those SPORTS lovers!

To cope up with the pressure of studies one needs to be physically and mentally fit. Considering sports as an important part of the curriculum VIT has introduced a number of centres for physical education and sports activities. It consists of both indoor and outdoor game facilities.

The VIT FOOD department!

VIT has three multi-cuisine canteens located at three different points of the campus, all providing quality food to students with very student friendly prices. Hosting a wide array of cuisines and dishes, they cater to students home style food from every corner of country

Smart Classrooms of VIT!

Wide spacious classrooms with white board and projectors are designed in a way to create a pleasant atmosphere for the students to learn. This hi-tech equipment enables our faculty to conduct classes in a way that enable students to make use of every available resource from one point at the click of a button.

Overall VIT has the perfect high technology and advanced campus that every student desires for!

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