“Do You Love Mobile Wallpapers?” – Meet, Shanu D Who Was Selected By Google Pixel And Whose Wallpapers Will Drive You Crazy!


Meet Shanu D, a mobile photographer whose astonishing mobile wallpapers will leave you spellbound . He believes that no matter how hard you work to bring yourself up, there is always someone out there working just as hard as you or may be even harder to put you down.  He loves watching T.V series , sketching, canvas painting, photography and cooking as well

Oh Cooking and photography! That’s something very few have heard of ! As unique as his combination of  hobbies, are his wallpapers and his experiences which have led him to the summit !

Almost everyone dreams about being selected by Google for a good cause and this genius has been selected by Google for Team Pixel Event .

What an outstanding achievement ? Isn’t it?

Let us go straight down to Shanu who shares his amazing experiences with us !

Picture perfect moment

How do you as a photographer make sure that the thing, person or landscape you want to shoot looks the way you want it to?

I wait for the moment , it might take a long time to shoot a “picture perfect moment”. It’s all about the composition and framing that I care about . Once I have it in front of me I go for it .

Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer?

Being a hobby photographer I get to learn a lot of new things . I have a lot of new experiences . I also try to experience a lot of new genres so that I come to know about my flaws .

On the flip side , being a professional photographer is not easy at all , they get to do the same thing from time to time .But they get too indulged into one genre and try surpassing in the creativity in that one .

Isn’t the view as amazing as a scenery you dream of ?

How does black and white vs color play into your work? Do you find them to be totally separate beasts—or complementary?

Talking about black and white and colour , I find them totally different . Sometimes its the need to black and white and at some places it,s not. Its the requirement that demands the need for black and white and colour play. If there are too many subjects or harsh light into the photo , you for black and white , whereas for scenic landscapes you will always go for colour play.

What do you think are some clichés in  photography you steer away from yourself?

To steer away the cliches I think you should bring a new perspective to that same place rather than clicking the same frame again and again . Also bringing in creativity to the photo such as depth or street will also help in some or the other way.

“Perfect Capture”

What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started  photography all over again?

As a mobile photographer I might say go for the 3×3 grid. Also understand the composition by eleminating negative space. Edit the picture decent enough. If you are a Instagrammer stick to the feed you are bringing and excel through it by posting creative content.

Post consistently. Consistency is the key but also bring good and bright photos for yourself.Do not post bad pictures which kills the vibe of the feed.

Being a photographer is worth taking risks , building patience and going close to the subject .

What is one question nobody has ever asked you—that you wish they asked you about photography?

I have been asked too many questions about photography so it is really difficult to say if there is anything left at all. But again I love answering questions and providing solutions to every problem. That helps me enhance my own knowledge and get answers to questions which could have been previously left unanswered . It is only with questions that you learn new things and I learn new things by providing solutions to previous things.


So wild and such beauty

 Elaborate on your memorable experience being a photographer?

I have recently been to a Google event held by Audi photography, Joseph Pradhik and Atul Kasebar. It was one of a memorable experience for me getting to know lot of new things sharing knowledge with people and in turn learning a lot of new things. Understanding a new vision , a new look out to the same old things was the main theme and I learnt a lot from the event. It’s always worthy to spend such quality time with such people .

I have also been featured to most pages like @moodygrams, @condenasttraveller, @tripotocommunity and other Indian instagram pages like @photographers.of.india , @streets.of.india . I was also selected for the #teampixel event held by Google.

These were some of my most memorable experiences
If you want a new wallpaper for your mobile screen do take a look at his pictures in the link below:



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