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Meet Vish Pijwala, Who Is A Versatile Artist And Editor At Terribly Tiny Talkies, Inspiring Everyone With His Work.


Mr. Vish Pijwala is an artist. He has covered almost every aspect of being an artist including being a photographer, cinematographer, editor, photoshop artist, film-maker, retoucher, art director and many more. He says that artists have their own world of art and he wants to keep working to become the best. According to him, hard work always pays off. His photography skills are exceptional. His work is a unique piece of art.

Vish thinks that it is essential for everyone to work hard and work smart as both are the sides of the same coin. When asked to define him in a line he said that ‘I am a visualist on a white cardboard’ that defines the creativity in him. India needs more and more artists like him to make people realize that India has a lot of potential.



In a Conversation with Vish- 

1. Since you have a lot of diverse fields in which you work, tell us clearly about your profession.

I won’t really say I work in diverse fields, they are all intertwined with each other in the back end, so my profession, I would call myself an artist on a broader side. Also, I am an editor at Terribly Tiny Talkies. It really excites me to do all the different things. and according to me, nothing is small or no job is small.

2. Was it difficult for you to break the stereotypes and follow your passion?

Yes, took me some years struggling with their ideology but eventually, things fell into place. Hard work pays off. I think that whenever someone starts working towards their goals, they have to face certain challenges. And success becomes sweeter after every challenge. So, one should not worry about the challenges, but rather focus on doing things the best they can.

3. All of us work really hard to reach somewhere! Where do you want to reach? What is your ultimate goal?

Goals, not as such. I just want to work, the artist has his own world in the art. I want to go with the flow and I know, I will end up in a great place.


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4. Do think that one should work harder everyday or one should work smarter everyday?

Both. Either isn’t an option. You have to work hard and you have to work smart. In today’s world, if you only work hard it takes a lot of time to achieve success. And working smart takes you to different places in a short span of time.

5. Which is the one best line that perfectly defines you and what you do?

Visualist on a white cardboard.


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