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Meet The 21 Year Old Trishita Bhattacharya Who Is Rocking Her Instagram Page With Her Travel Diaries!


Traveling gifts you with memories, and friends for life!

The 21 year old Trishita Bhattacharya is rocking her Instagram page with her beautiful travel diaries. A Mumbai based student, she is currently pursuing a part-time Post Graduate course in Advertising and Media. Though she already has a graduation degree in Pharmacy. A wanderlust soul, who is also a very keen photographer is what could be her simplest description. She also has a YouTube channel by the same name as her Instagram page goes- Overrated Outcast. She loves capturing memories in the form of photographs and treasure them for life. A fun loving travel person, she wishes to achieve a lot more than what she already has and we wish her the best of luck for her journey!

My Happy Life!

In a conversation with the popular Instagrammer, Trishita Bhattacharya-

1. Hello Trishita, for all those who do not know you, tell us something about yourself. 

Hey guys! My name is Trishita Bhattacharya and I’m based in Mumbai. I am passionate about photography (more into the travel and lifestyle segment) and have taken it up as a career as well. I work as a freelance photographer with brands. Apart from that I’m also pursuing Advertising, a stream very different from the one I took up in graduation i.e Pharmacy!

2. Why did you decide to travel different places?

Most of them have been opportunities given to me by brands or travel companies. Some travels have been with family and some with friends. The journey has been amazing because every place I go teaches me something new! And the best part is that I get to meet new people, know more about them and take home beautiful memories in the form of photographs!

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3.  Is it always pleasant to travel over the world?

I have been very lucky traveling so far. There have been some problems during some trips but I’ve always tried to fix the situation and stayed calm albeit given my nature. I have missed opportunities, flights, buses and money but that hasn’t stopped me. I think of it as the past and try to take those experiences as learning points and never make that mistake again,

4. What was the most unusual thing you saw or did during your travel?

The most unusual or I must say my best experience was when I went Snorkeling back in 2016 at Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia. Watching the life underwater was mesmerizing and it made me feel alive.

5. Would you like to revisit or move over to any place you’ve visited so far?

I would like to revisit every place I’ve ever been to, at least twice or thrice. It’s always on my bucket list. I would like to go to the same place again and try showing it in a different way to my audience, live a new experience all over again. <3

6. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

That you get to make memories and the power of sharing your stories to other people. Take cues from them, learn something in return and make friends for life. Keeping in touch with those friends in always very important. 🙂

Paint your life with the colours you’ve been given ?

7. What are a few things you always pack without which you do not travel?

All the equipments that I have- My GoPro, my DSLR (when needed) and my phone. Apart from that, of-course, the normal essentials – clothes, food, books and some movies to watch.

8. Have you ever had some negative experiences while traveling?

I haven’t seen the worst yet, but I wouldn’t mind facing it because that’s how we grow. Life cannot always be about good experiences. These bad experiences are the ones that make you stronger, vigilant and more careful, so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes again. 🙂

Out on the adventure called life!

9. What’s your top travel tip?

I don’t know if it’s a good habit or bad, but I have this ritual of never researching properly about the place I’m heading to. I don’t look up pictures, tourist spots or anything else. If I do, then I end up taking similar kind of pictures like the others and I try avoiding that. I let my creativity shine a little and I would like other passionate photographers to do the same. Other thing that I would like to add is, even if you’re an introvert, try talking to people, share things and experiences. You never know, it might work in your favor and also help your personality grow!
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