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A Young Soul Who Sees the World Through the Lenses of Nikon, Meet the Dazzling Photographer: Mohit Kumar.


Mohit, 19 is from Delhi, and is not just another guy calling himself a Photographer; His photographs say what he is capable of. He just doesn’t click photos, he freezes time with his skills. Photography isn’t just a passion for him, he lives the photography. He’s not only mastered the Photography but also the Graphics Editing. His main focus is Fine Art & Portrait Photography. Mohit also performed as a Youtuber Vlogger for a long time. Mohit started a youtube channel in 2013, at the age of 15. He used to make videos about Windows Customization, he had this thing in mind to do daily vlogs for a while so right after he completed school he started vlogging daily for like 169 days after that he shifted to Instagram for photography and currently not making videos anymore but yeah soon will start again!

Lets get to know more about the artist in him, we have for you Mohit Kumar

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In Conversation with Mohit- 

Q1. Could you tell us a bit about your Educational background?

A) I completed my 12th( Science Stream ) in 2016 but took up English Honors as a subject for graduation ( I am in 2nd year right now).

Q2. Did you go to any school of photography or any training?

A) I didn’t learn photography from any institution, I just watch a lot of youtube videos regarding photography/editing.

Q3. Do you have a team for the clicks? What kind of shoots you & your team prefer?

A) I always take my friend Divesh ( @diveshify ) on shoots with me. He helps a lot on the shoot like maybe holding the reflector or giving his camera, when I hadn’t my own camera he used to provide me his own camera. I usually prefer Fine Art or Portrait Photography, but I also do Wedding Photography.

Q4. Any message you want to give to the society through your clicks?

A) I just wanna let society know especially in India, that art can pay off of your bills and you don’t need a 9-5 job for that. Also, there is also some sort of narrative in my photos which different people relate differently.

Q5. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

A) Although I am an introvert, I actually enjoy meeting new people every single day, and for like past 8-9 months I actually meet a new person every single day.

Q6. How do you choose the subject and the theme behind your photography?

A) I usually take inspiration from movies, if something clicks in my mind I will build a mood board around the idea & then find the model on Instagram, I also plan my every single shot I take before shoot.


Q7. Whats the difference b/w the formal shoots & the street photography according to you as nowadays street photography is taking over.

A) I actually don’t do street at all, I just do fine art & portraits in general because that helps me to tell the narrative to people more easily( at least that’s what I feel ).

Q8. Any dream project for you or anything that you dream about?

A) I dream about having a strong community of photographers in India that’s what I dream.

Different Shadow

Q9.  What type of cameras do you shoot with? And what do you think about new generation Mobile photography?

A)  I shoot with a Nikon d750 with a 50mm f/1.4, I think you can take a picture with anything and yes you can get a great picture with mobile you just need to know about lighting.

Q10.  In current era as we have so many filters & edits what do you think about the original & edited photography?

A) Photography is an art form, the outcome should be good enough no matter how you get it. Editing is a part of photography.

Q11. What has been your favorite project that you have shot?


A) This has to be my favorite shot this is from one of my personal projects & I loved this shot because that is exactly the shot I had in mind but apart from that, when we were shooting this the temperature was 8 degree Celsius and my model ( Anusha ) was shivering and was in the tub for like an hour & I just love the fact that she didn’t come out of the tub until I was happy.

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