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He Was The Last One Who Did Levitation Photography In Hyderabad – Meet The Amazing Photographer, Sandeep Gudala


We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time’s forever frozen still.


Meet the sensational photographer , Sandeep Gudala  who has always believed in hard work and his efficiency; that has allowed him to be a successful photographer. Sandeep is very passionate about his photography  and has already worked with innumerable number of stars . He needs no introduction as he is already very famous in the world of photography .

Look at his Instagram page and you will explore his talents !

Sandeep has a very different approach to photography than the current generation photographers !

Let us have a conversation where he reveals very interesting facts about photography!

Trying to find a perfect capture !

Why did you chose photography and how were you able to evaluate your  success in this field which boosted your confidence to do better ?

Why did I choose photography is,its said really a big story .I  will make it small, I used to work for an reputed MNC, one day my colleague and I were talking  in the business hours, my teacher came to us and said  “do your romance outside not here”, in some sarcastic  way.I was hurt and came out without telling them anything . My mind started searching like a google map for different paths.
What should I do ,what is the best way to lead a happy life ,  so many questions at a time .
I used to design or shape up something in a good way from my school days itself,I had some good cameras with me,I had some cool picture at that time.
Then I realized and took photography as my carrier and thought this is my life and here I am now .
How did I get my confidence boosted ?…
I am the Iast one who did levitation photography in Hyderabad and many appreciated me and many photographers asked me how did I do it, what’s the trick .This is one incident which boosted me so well to settle in this field .Then coming to these celebrities having around 45 years of industry experience, they praised me that I had a good framing & good composition.That really boosted me.

 How will you elaborate on your memorable experience being a photographer?

I am not sure I can elaborate or not  ,but I still have a long way to go so. I was just a photographer until I started working with celebrities. Later I was being recognized by everyone where ever I went. Atleast three to four members recognized me and shared their thoughts with me and spoke to me , those are  really the most lively moments.
I can say this is one of my most  memorable experience, because this is my 1st interview. Thank you Student Stories . 
Another memorable experience is working with Rashmi ,Roja , Anasuya Bharadwaj , Raviteja, Priyamani Garu ,Sudheer , Pradeep , Sekhar Master , Sravana Bhargavi . All these big celebrities and the list continues.
Many dream to atleast see them  ,but God blessed me and I worked  with them.
All those were most memorable experiences

The old generation was a generation of original photographs and the current generation is a generation of filters and effects. What are your views on this?

Definitely ,  I agree to this…
At the time when photography was in its initial stages and high end cameras were not available , if we wanted to click one picture, it used to take around 5-6 mins., where as now,  it does not take  even a 5 seconds. In those B/W days , the real soul of image was being shot but there is nothing as such now,just clicking, editing, adding effects and getting it  into a shape .Where as coming to me ,even I am also not a soul catcher of an image of course,but I do not  spoil  the image by adding different effects which don’t suit the picture .I love to add good effects but,  people are loving my photography because of  no lights, no effects, no extra editing. I just freeze the moment which is original and i just enhance it .I keep it original and alive. But  I want those black and white days back again !

If you had to take up a different path in life what would it be and why?

 Definitely, I would have taken the path of a stethoscope around my neck !
I am a Bi.p.c student, my dad and mom’s dream  is to see me helping poor people, and have an own hospital and serve them .
But that wasn’t my destiny !

One of his favourites !

How does black and white vs color play their roles in photography ?

Definitely they play a major role in any kind of photography ..
For example , mood can be brought out based on a photo’s color scheme . Colour attracts the eye .Where as coming to B/W , picture helps the viewer to focus on a subject’s emotional state…Expressions…Posture.Black and white portraiture makes the viewer  see the subject’s face and read his or her eyes without distraction.

 Have you traveled much through out your career? What are some of your favorite locations that you’ve shot in and why are they your favourite?

 Sure I can say I havn’t travelled much in my carrier.This is my 5th year 2nd month running currently . I did travel to a few places
Ooty :
My  favourite place . It’s one of the places for perfect photography . You can shoot at any time.
The best place for beach shoot . Where there is no need to get scared of someone  seeing you , You can do whatever you want , you can  open up your creativity levels ..

When you are out shooting- how much of it is instinctual vs planned?

 Very Good question !
As far as I did my shoots till now ,  they are so instinctual .   Very very few are planned .When you are going to a new location without knowing what and where you are shooting instinct brings out your creative nature in you. When you see a new place you get new ideas new thoughts new photography skills .  Where as when you plan a shoot at a planned location, even you  can create your creative levels here but you cant come out of creative levels completely .

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What kind of skills do you need, outside of being really talented at shooting, do you need to make it in this industry? How do you market yourself to your clients?

Definitely the creative levels, common sense ,sense of humour .  All these really play a major while shooting outside .
Creative levels , you need to know what you are shooting, whom you are shooting, whats their body langauge, what suits them, which place is good to shoot, aperture shutter speed  , white balance ,which lens you shoud use ,what lights should you use .
Common sense ,you  should know  whom you are shooting and should able to guess what pose they fit  in and what costumes look good at the place you are shooting in .
 Industry does need talent really.
If someone is without talent they wont last long.
Talent definitely rules in any field.

Is it really as glamorous as the media makes it out to be? What advice would you give to a young photographer ?

Photography is not glamorous , we make it look glamorous because of our hardwork , creativity and  ofcourse  photoshop.

 Advice :
 “Do not copy a pose or posture from other photographers . Even if you copy ,  make it in a different way , think different “
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