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Girls Hostels and Facilities at Manipal University

Hostels. That is a veritable question that comes into everyone’s heads. Even before you’ve embarked on your academic journey to become an engineer, you wish to know about the accommodation provided by the college, whether it’s worth your money and most importantly, if you’re ready to call it your second home. Make the correct choice, because you’re about to move into this place for an entire year.

Block 12

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Rooms: All rooms have a well-functioning AC, though it may require occasional repairing. There are well-spaced wardrobes, shelves and an attached western washroom. The room does not come with any electrical appliances; one would have to notify the caretakers should they bring any. After emptying two buckets of cold water, hot water is available round the clock.


Utilities: The undisputed best utility of this block are two lovely dogs that occasionally come onto the field and keep you company for as long as you need it. Washing machines are available, but they function sparingly. The students are free to use the washing machines in the 11th block nearby.

They have an attached mess called Aradhana that serves the same food as the food court but since it has an attached kitchen, the rotis and food items are served hot. There is an open field inside perfectly suited for midnight jam sessions, and an open basketball court in the block. The security is efficient and the block is well-ventilated.


Block 11

Rooms: The students residing in the block can avail Aradhana mess of the 12th block. They can use the Badminton court and the basketball court of the 12th block. The hostel rooms are provided with long mirrors, cupboards and have a western washroom attached. It has both single bed and double bed rooms and common washrooms as well. The security is well maintained and the block is very well ventilated.


Utilities: These blocks have no AC. There is limited corridor space to dry clothes in. A lot of space is used up in placing the drying stands. Much like the 12th block, the food court, academic block, shops and auto stand are at a distance.


New Ladies Block (NLB)

This is a more recently constructed block with a different design of rooms. It has five floors, a gym and a recreation room

Rooms: Each room has a soft board and white board along with the tables provided.

The block has a common entrance for two rooms and a common kitchen and washroom attached. The availability of kitchen helps in cooking and cleaning. It is very well guarded and well ventilated. It has well-spaced cupboards and storage space. It is NON AC for first years. It does not have a mess of its own and the only option is food court.


Block 1 & 2

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Rooms: The rooms may get a bit cramped, but they have well-spaced wardrobes and a study table. There are common washbasins and 10 shower stalls for both the blocks. Social life is thriving in these blocks, however since it is a three sharing room, the rooms can become excessively noisy at times.

Utilities: The attached mess is “Ananya“. The mess is pure vegetarian. It is located very close to the food court, campus store, shops, academic block and auto stand. The food is wholesome, with better rotis than food court and fruits instead of eggs.  They are NON AC Blocks. You have to stand in a line few mornings to share the washrooms. They get very hot during summers. Both the blocks have common washing machine, leading to time constraint.

Each hostel provides a cot, a mattress, a study table and a chair in addition to the cupboards. Other hostel staff include the cleaners and the care takers. Hostels cannot be changed in between the semesters.

Hope this helps you make your decision.

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