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Hostel and Campus life at Jadavpur University- All you need to know!

All you want to know about the Hostel life and Campus life at Jadavpur University!

The major question that’s going on in every new admission’s mind- how is the campus life in JU? How is the hostel life there? etc etc.

So here’s all you want to know!jadavpur university

Campus life at Jadavpur University

The JU Campus is “full of life”, this is exactly what the students say. Located in the heart of the city, and still managing well to isolate you from the typical city environment, JU can provide you the best of both worlds. While the lush of green may welcome you at Gate No 3, you may enter blushing at Gate No 4.

From engaging in deep talks to the regular football games in the beautiful Engineering fields, which changed into cricket when there was a slight nip in the air, cheering your team in Fresher’s Football and Football Arena, often positioned behind the enemy goalie, and walking back home when the last rays of the Sun hit the slanting blades of the Green Zone grass- this is what you get in JU!

Whether it’s 10 in the morning, or 9 at night, irrespective of the day, you will always be finding some people or the other to give you company. Since, JU has Engg, Arts and Science faculties all in the same campus, you can also come across various kinds of people. And in most circumstances, they do not make you feel like a stranger.

The University has events almost all around the year, starting with the departmental freshers, followed by U-Turn, Arena, Srijan (the tech-fest), and ultimately, the grandest of them all- Sanskriti- a 3 week long fest where you get to witness some of the most popular live shows ,Fossils, Chandrabindoo, Krosswindz, Lakkhichhara, Baiju Dharmajan, LRB, Arnob, Advaita, Raeth, the AR Rahman troupe, What Escapes Me, Skinny Alley, Pota, Indian Ocean, Ornob, Soulmate and Clinton Cerejo being some of them!jadavpur university

So I guess you guys can already imagine how wonderful your “college life” experience at JU is going to be!

Jadavpur University at a glance- for a Fresher!

Adda zone: From getting drenched during a football match to spending hours with your friends, a JU engineering student’s life is incomplete without the ‘engineering-er math’. You will make some very precious memories there.

Hostel life: Peaceful life in the boys’ hostel is a myth. A new surprise awaits each day; come prepared.

Faculty of arts

Politics ticks: Be ready to experience the exhilarating — and exasperating — world of campus politics. Everything, from friendships to fests, tends to be coloured by politics here.

Dress code: What’s that?!

Puppy love: Learn to warm up to dogs. They are many on the campus and some are very friendly.

Ledge-n-dary: The “ledge” in the UG arts building is popular but avoid it in the evening if you don’t want to run into “busy” couples.

Faculty of science

Present please: Don’t be fooled by the arts faculty students, attendance in the science faculty is very strict. You have no choice but to attend classes.

Sporting fun: The science faculty is known for its sporting prowess. If you’ve been itching to put your football boots back on, now is the time. Go shoot!

Now about the hostels in Jadavpur University!

There are 13 (4 for Girls and 9 for Boys) hostels with provision for accommodating over 1600 students. Hostel Mess is conducted by the Students Mess Committee under the guidance of the Superintendent of the respective hostel. The Main Hostel complex is situated outside the campus.

At the Main Hostel complex and the Ladies Hostel complex and beside Old P.G. Hostel there are private canteens supervised by the Students Committee.

Enrollment in hostels of Jadavpur University

If you need accommodation in a hostel, you are to collect a prescribed application form from the Information Office and submit it to the Office of the Dean of Students duly filled in. At the time of admission in the hostel you are to pay but Rs.3000/- in all, inclusive of Mess Advance. No Caution Deposit is taken. Besides, you are to pay monthly seat rent & electricity charges at the rate of Rs.15/- & Rs.10/- respectively except Research Scholar (R.S.) and M.Phil students who are to pay monthly seat rent including electricity charge is Rs.300/- & Rs.150/- respectively.

The payment for two major meals at the hostel varies from one hostel to another and you are to pay every mess mill according to the bill made by the Student’s Mess Committee. Hostel-boarders are to abide by the hostel rules framed from time to time. It may be noted that for non-payment of mess dues, seat rent or electricity charges, the boardership of the hostel may be cancelled.

Hostel Accomodations

Total Accommodation: 1876

For Men Students: 1254

For Women Students: 622

Well about your hostel experience, according to JU students hostel life in JU is once in a lifetime opportunity. So don’t let go off it!jadavpur university

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