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3 Faces behind “RealShit”, story of it’s cast & growing to Millions of Views

guys behind realshit

“RealShit” the famous, loved and hilarious page of videos that we come across daily is made up with the day in and day out effort of Piyush Bansal, Deepak Chauhan, and Shubham Gandhi, these guys are the main 3 cast/actor for RealShit Vines. These three youngsters decided to do something different with their life even after getting admitted in prestigious institutions like DCAC (DU), Amity University, and Kirorimal College (DU) respectively. They took the road less traveled by which tells us how everything that we pursue with hard work and determination brings out best results possible.

1.You are one of the most loved vine/ video makers in the country. How does it feel?

It is an awesome feeling when people appreciate our work, send sweet and motivating messages, Comment on our videos. We feel very happy and proud, at the same time, it helps us work with more dedication and determination.

2.What do you think is essential to be a popular vine/ video maker like your tricks or constant dedication? Why?

Since the vine culture in India is growing, you see so many new viners coming up every day, The only key to success in this field is ORIGINALITY. You have to be original and as creative as possible. When the level of competition is very high, either you have to be different or you have to be better than the rest. Apart from that, of course, your hard work, dedication and patience play a key role as success never comes immediately.

3.Video making is not a parent’s cup of tea. How did your parents react to your decision to be a vlogger?

Our parents have been very supportive all throughout. They appreciate that we are doing something different. They see us working hard and it’s a proud feeling for them as well when they randomly receive our videos on WhatsApp from random people saying watch this it’s hilarious. Some neighbours come up to them and say we saw your son’s video it was really nice, so even they feel proud of us.

4.There is a various hilarious story that we come across time to time on your page. Does it require a lot of effort to pen down the humor?

We make a separate video for youtube and facebook. So, for youtube, we sit and document everything from the location to the props to the dialogues, everything. We spend time on writing down the complete script and then shoot it in complete detail. Whereas for facebook, since the duration of the video is short, we just discuss the scenario which we are going to show in the video, make the dialogues spontaneously and shoot.

5.Who inspired you to make such a tremendous Facebook Chanel?

We never wanted to lead a boring life, we wanted to do something different. Zaid Ali inspired us, we used to love his videos and we thought, let’s give it a shot, let’s see if even we can make videos and entertain the world, and fortunately, things worked.

real shit

6.Who was most supportive in your journey?

Everyone has been very supportive, but most of all, Our friends, since we are from the same school we have a common friend circle, who constantly support us by sharing all our videos, giving us honest reviews about our content, giving genuine advice for our betterment, and even sharing their ideas which we can work upon.

7.What is the one thing that Vine making taught you?

Vine making has taught us a lot of things. From being very patient to accepting criticism in a positive way to not being shy at all in public. Since we mostly shoot outdoors, we used to feel very shy and embarrassed as everyone was looking at us doing crazy stuff, so vine making has made us more Confident and I think it has changed our personalities completely.

real shit

8.What according to you is the future that Video/vine making holds for people with different talents?

Video/ vine making is a growing field. Since the audience on social media is very vast. It is a great platform for people who are talented. It can prove out to be a great career opportunity for the people who want to make a mark, with their talent.

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9.What is your message for the upcoming vine/ video maker? What are the tips that you would want to share with them?

Our message to the upcoming vine/video makers is “Original”, be “unique”. Don’t just copy content from English viners, even if you do get inspired by some concepts of other viners , try to make it different and better from them and the most important thing is, Keep calm. Don’t lose hope if your videos are not going well. Keep trying. Even a single viral video can take you places 😀

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