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From Being A Part Of AIB To Working In A Movie With Anushka Sharma! Meet Mansi Multani – The Powerhouse Of Talent !

mansi multani interview actresss bollywood ss

Mansi Multani is a huge inspiration for all of us. She is a freelancer who has done a plethora of theater work, a casting director, singer and most importantly an actor. She said that she had to face immense struggle as she did not knew anyone from Bollywood. She has worked in a show that was featured on Life OK for six months. She has been signed for two films, one which stars Anushka Sharma named Pari and another named Kadak. According to her, being patient is the most important part of her profession.

Her happiest day was when she got selected for Piya Beherupiya, which is a play that has got global recognition. She says that one should trust their inner voice. She wants to do things that challenge her and that is her best quality. According to her, commitment and hard work are very important. Read the interview below for more detailed thoughts and views of Mansi.

mansi multani interview actresss bollywood ss


In conversation with Mansi Multani :


Tell us about your profession.

I am basically an actor. I am a freelancer. I sing, I am a voice artist, a casting director and a theater artist. It started with a lot of theater. I have been acting since I was a little girl. I started off with my career from Bombay. I started by doing really small characters.  I have done everything from reaching to rehearsals early and getting snacks and coffee ready to studying bigger actors. I have worked with the best directors, the ones people die to work with. This year I have focused more on camera.

What is your biggest achievement till date?

Getting selected for Piya Beherupiya. It is a play that has got global recognition. It was a beautiful feeling since I would get to perform at Mecca of Shakespeare, the globe theater in London. And also because I would get to travel a lot during the work, it made a perfect match for me.

mansi multani interview actresss bollywood ss


What is your ultimate goal?

I don’t have an answer for that. I think going with the flow is important because every project leads you to the next. If camera works well for me, I would love to do more films, Tv shows. I would want to Netflix or Amazon Prime. I don’t have control over where life takes me, but I do have a control over working hard and honoring the commitment.


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What will your message for the youth of India?

Follow your passion. You can be anything. If you want to be a cleaner, be the best cleaner the world has ever seen. Do whatever motivates you everyday and wait for the right time.

Where do you like to spend your free time?

I really like watching films, I love watching Tv series. I love to spend a lot of time with my friends, I love to go to concerts. I like reading and like being creative.

mansi multani interview actresss bollywood ss

Who has inspired you the most?

My mother. She really helps me to get back on my feet. My friends are absolute powerhouse for me. People who push themselves inspire me. I cannot really give you a particular name, because people in my life are my stars, they are my heroes.


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