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“We Must Have The Courage To Be Imperfect” Meet Aneri Vajani, Girl Who Broke The Stereotypes And Played “The Characters Which Are Out Of The Box”.


Aneri Vajani is an Indian television actress active in the industry since 2013. She is also the brand ambassador of clothing Brand Pasha India. She was born in Mumbai and belongs to a Gujarati family. Aneri Vajani began her career with soap opera-Kali. After that she appeared in Nisha aur Uske Cousins as Nisha in lead role. Recently, she portrayed Saanjh Mathur,in romantic thriller drama, Beyhadh that was broadcasted in Sony Entertainment Television.

Her smile surely brightens up your day!

In a conversation with her,

1.Being a Gujrati teekhi girl, Aneri,how did you decide to make your career in the field of acting?

When I was in school I was the famous one I used to go in all the inter school competitions and always like always won a prize for it. I was too much interested in singing, dancing and also got some good dramatic skills that’s how I developed interest in it. When I grew up I realized that coming into the industry is not an easy task as I have got no one in it but it was destined to be so here I am today.


2.Aneri,you have played a lot of different roles till today. How will you describe your journey?

Well I still feel that I am a normal girl, I have got a long way to go but yes I have grown up a little from where I was to where I am. It has been quite a journey for me and I have really loved it. Yes, I have not reached the point where I can say that I have achieved it. I have got a long way to go!

3.Playing roles like Sanjh would have been a very interesting experience for you. Aneri, please share your experience.

Sanjh was the one who used to cry all the time and without thinking about herself she always sacrificed for everyone, which is not practically possible in today’s world. So it was a challenging thing for me to make people love Sanjh. I had to work hard for it so that people understand the character and love Sanjh . I think I had done a decent job as it was a thriller show and I have got to work with two already established  actors so it was a difficult job to make my name amongst the people and I hope I have done so.

From the sets of Beyhadh

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4.Who is your biggest inspiration in your journey from being just a normal girl to where you are today?

My biggest inspiration is my family  that’s because I wanted to do something for them and yes wanted to make them feel proud about me.

The confident girl,making her family PROUD.


5.You have played roles like of Nisha. Aneri,How much do you feel connected to her?

Well playing the role of Nisha, was really a surprise for me because I really didn’t think I would get the role.Yes,I feel connected to her as I am also connected to my grandfather like the way she was. But yes my grandfather was much cooler than hers. After playing the role I have realized that every girl has some guyish thing in her. Nisha is by far the best experience of my life and yes I feel very much connected to her .

With her best friend,her GrandFather

6.Being in the industry for so long have surely awarded you the best memories one can have. Please share any with us.

The best memories I had during the journey is that when I was awarded for Best Beti in the Star Parivar Awards. It was my first serial in Star Parivar and I got an award. Apart from it there are several moments  like when you meet people and some become like your family. I have crazy memories with everything I have achieved. I have learned so much with all the different roles and yes I have enjoyed every bit of it.

7.Success is not something which you achieve overnight. Any message you want to give to all the young fans of Aneri.

I have got one thing to say that you have to work hard and be really focused. If, you keep working for it, you will get it. If you don’t work  for it then no body can help you. “Agar kisi cheez ko tum shiddat se chaho to puri kayanaat tumhe usse milane me lag jati h” I strongly believe in this dialogue from the movie. If you give positive to universe, the universe will help you and yes never Give Up agar tumhe wo chahiye to chahiye!


Girl giving us the attitude of Never Giving Up

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