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Meet Suprabha KV, an aspiring musician and the rising YouTube artist. On securing merit in 12th, she did her Electrical and Electronics engineering from PESIT. She is now pursuing Masters of science in Information and communication systems from TUHH, Hamburg, Germany. Suprabha has done a number of cover songs in all genre of music which includes latest bollywood songs, old hits, mashups to devotional songs. She covers songs in different languages ranging from Hindi, English, Kannada and Tamil.
She has a massive 10 million views and 73K subscribers on her Youtube channel

Following are her musical achievements 

  • Suprabha has won several music awards during her schooling. 
  • She was one of the top 5 finalist of the show SUPER SINGER conducted by radio city.
  • In her final year, she also won the Miss Nightingale award.for her beautiful singing.
  • She has worked with many music directors in Kannada industry and has also sung for a Kannada movie.
  • Suprabha has also given several concerts in India and in Germany. 
  • She had an opportunity to address and sing in front of cabinet minister Dr HarshVardhan and Indian consulate general during their visit in Hamburg.

1. As a great YouTube artist, tell us something more about yourself?

Hello I am Suprabha KV hailing from Bengaluru.  Every person has different abilities. God has gifted me with a beautiful voice and I want to make maximum use of it. I sing in many languages. I have  strong classical music roots as I started learning music at a very young age from my mother who is my teacher and  mentor. 
Suprabha KV

2- How was the musical grooming since childhood? When did it all start?

The main person behind everything was my mother. It all started because of her. I am from a typical Brahmin family so my parents used to play all records of the legend Ms. Subbalakshmi early in the morning and my mom would sing along with it. Listening  her singing, the lyrics and tune was fit in my head. Then mom would teach me slowly without any ghamakas, till I got the tune. Like that she taught me many devotional songs. Then she taught me classical and later I picked up movie songs. All credits go to mom and she is my teacher. She is a beautiful singer and what all I am today is because of her.

3- During your student life how did music go on with you? What routines do you follow to keep up with everything?

For me Music and Studies both went hand in hand. I could solve maths only while listening to songs. Whenever I liked any song, I used to practice it a lot and first sing it in front of my mom and she would correct me if I was going wrong. I used to take part in all music competitions in school. My first music prize was when I was in LKG. In school and colleges I performed a multiple number on times. I once performed on stage during my graduation and the crowd really loved it and asked where they can find a recording of this song. Then I realized that I have to start with a channel so that people can find all my work in one place.

4- You are currently pursuing M.Sc. in information and communication systems. How did that interest you? What would you like to take up as your career?

On securing merit in 12th, I did my Electrical and Electronics engineering in PESIT. I am now pursuing Masters of science M.Sc. in Information and communication systems in TUHH. I love studying as much as singing. I am very passionate about science. If I take music as full time, I would not be able to pursue my Masters which I really want to. So I keep uploading 2 videos every month and I make it a point that both go hand in hand. As i told you, if I like a song, I keep listening to it while solving or doing homework so that I get a hold on that song. As and when I get time, I record a song and shoot it the same evening.

5- How is life as a You tuber? Tell us about your experiences?

It feels amazing to be a YouTube sensation. First thing I do every morning is to get up and read and reply to my follower’s comments. I get to learn a lot from it. The love and encouragement I receive from people I don’t even know is just a very different kind of feeling I can’t express. Now, People want to know everything about me which makes me feel very special. People recognize me as a YouTube singer. They start with, ” hey your voice is amazing. I heard that song of yours on youtube and….. ” I get many emails, messages and calls from my fans. I started performing on stage because of my YouTube videos. I did many stage performances in Germany as well. Thanks to Youtube.

6– What are the initial difficulties a YouTube artist faces?  How did you take up that  challenge?

You wont believe, when I uploaded my first video. I Had no subscribers, so I kept refreshing the video every minute to see how much viewers I have. I had refreshed it so many times, that I myself viewed it 300 times. YouTube had a limit earlier, I dont no if its still there. From one device only one view is counted or something like that. So after 300, the view never increased. It would only become 301 when actual other 300 people view it. And it took 1 long month to do so. I have been on YouTube for the past 4 years but active since one year. I know what it is like to have 2000 subscribers. I know what it is like to have 3000 views on a video. I used to be very happy when my video crossed 1000 !Last year this time, I had 10,000 subscribers and now I have 70,000. I respect the numbers. Each view, each like, each subscribe makes me happy. There is a lot of competition these days. You can find 100’s of youtube singers. To stand out among them is very difficult. Every person has their own ability and to be that one, whom people would always want to listen to is something for which you have to work on. I have videos with almost 2 Million views and even videos which is still 30,000. Not all songs become a hit. We have to know what our fans want to hear.

7- Tell us about the most memorable experience in this journey that helped you learn
something great?

I have lot of memories. Each performance, each cover has its own story. This whole journey itself is remarkable and I cherish it forever. Performing in-front of minister Dr Harsh Vardhan is one of my best memories. My performance was right before his speech. After I finished singing, when he started his speech he said it loud, ” after listening to Suprabha’s songs, I am unable to deliver my speech and I know you people will not be interested in listening to me. So how about I keep it short and then for the rest of time make her sing 2 more songs “ I was overwhelmed. He is such a down to earth and  humble person.
When I first entered the hall, there were just 100 people or so and all were esteemed delegates. They all held such high position and name in the society. I thought I can no where be compared to their achievements. But the love which they showed after my performance, was really touching. They wanted to know everything about me and wanted me to do more shows in Hamburg. Then I realised that it’s not the position or money that makes you, it is your talent and personality that defines you. No matter what great heights we achieve, we should always be humble and never get the fame rule us. This is what makes us an amazing human being.

8- You have such remarkable achievements in this field. What are your other interests and hobbies? 

Since my childhood itself, mom made sure I am very active in extracurricular activities. She always considered me a gifted child. Initially she would push me to take part in all competitions. Be it sports, dance, indoor activities, drawing or singing. I took part in all of them.
I sketch a lot. I am crazy about painting and sketching. I have attached my work below. Which I again learnt from my mother. I didn’t take up any classes for this. I participated in many dance competitions in my school and won many awards for the same. I love cooking too. I see to it that I make new dishes for my husband everyday.

9- What are your future goals? How are you set on to achieve them?

I am left with my Masters thesis. Till then I will continue to sing on youtube and give performances in Germany. But after completion of my masters, I wish to take music as full time. When I  have 100 % support from my husband and family, I am sure to emerge victorious.
My husband is very supportive and he always comes up with a song for me and  shoots my videos. Before I met him, last year I had 10,000 sub and after he started shooting my videos I have 70,000 now. So he is the man behind my voice. !!! Without his support I am nothing.  All credits to him.

10- What would be your message to the aspiring youth of today?

Dedication and Confidence !
I always say, where there is a will there is a way. One who wishes to sing always finds songs.
Do it with passion, give it your 100 %, don’t be discouraged with failure because that’s how you learn to appreciate success. And lastly, do listen to your parents, they know what is the right for you. They would never wish any wrong for you. We are all here because of them. So before doing anything, seek their blessings and then start.If you aspire to become something, given a lot of dedication, nothing can stop you from emerging victorious.
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