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You Should’nt Miss These Simple Ways To Set The Stage On Fire And Keep The Audiences Roaring : Amika Shail’s Story

amika shail

Meet the Indian Idol fame and Youtube sensation, Amika Shail who  became a part of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little champs at the age of 9. With  the Music Director Bappi Lahiri and extremely talented singers Alka Yagnik & Abhijeet Bhattacharya and with Shaan Da hosting the show, the stage helped Amika groove her talents and become such a great performer on stage.

Amika hails from Kolkata and has managed to pursue an exciting career in music industry. Amika is currently enjoying her musical journey in Mumbai. Her deep, rich, and mesmerising voice creates euphoria. Amika is a stunning performer who has performed and enthralled the audience all across the globe.

Mumbai has been home for her since 2011. She began her musical voyage when she held the learning threads of Hindustani Classical music at the age of 5. She credits her mother for the passionate gift of music. Once she understood that life is about doing something substantial and one has to be someone when they grow up, all she could think of was to become a singer and spread her music across the borders. With a heart full of gratitude Amika went to Mumbai and allowed her passion to become her profession. Amika has been parts of 4 music reality shows of Indian Television Zee Tv Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Star Voice Of India, Bharat Ki Shaan 3 and the Indion Idol.

 Amika has  recorded a number of songs and  has given her voice to a number of commercials and non-commercials too. With a huge fan base on social media and 42,229 subscribers and 9,584,372 views on her youtube channel at present and she is all set to pitch her career ahead in singing. Seeing her versatile talents, Amika has amused every one and is now getting offers for acting too.

Q: Was choosing music your childhood dream or you aspired to be something else? Where did you start from?

I belong to Kolkata where music is quite prevalent. I have been learning music from the age of 5. Though it was not a childhood aim but I learnt a lot through the cultural surroundings. My mom was my first teacher. She was my inspiration. After taking training from her for few years I took training from a classical teacher, then I started taking part in local competitions and I used to get good ranks into them.  In 2004 my mom got my name registered in Zee Tv sare gamapa Lil champs auditions and I could reach to the top 10 which was really a great achievement for me. And that is when I realized that I can do something good in singing.

amika shail

Q: So when and from where the musical grooming went on?

First training  that I got was received from my mom. She has been my inspiration as she is also a very beautiful singer. Then my mom took me to learn Indian classical music. I learnt from 4 Indian classical teachers and  1 Western classical teacher.

Q: You have been setting stages on fire just from the age of 5. What were the platforms where you had performed since childhood?

First I performed on Zee tv Sare gama pa. So that was a very big platform for me. Amul Star voice of India Chote Ustad me I participated and I reached to the top 5 and That was a big inspiration for me. And then I realized that I have to pursue a career in Music only. I was one of the finalists in Bharat ki Shaan 3 and Indian Idol 3 too.

Q: Seeking the perfection into music requires quiet a lot of patience and hard work. Tell us about your musical routines?

When I was in Kolkata I used to do 3-4 hours Riyaaz every day, combining together both the  classical music and light music. After graduation, I shifted to Bombay. I don’t get so much of time because of occupancy due to recordings and shoots but whenever I get time I do Riyaaz for minimum two hours. It’s a daily part of my life, as food and water is important for a person. If I don’t do it I feel really uncomfortable because of it. I feel uneasy without it. So it is an part of my life.

Q: Brief us about your educational background? In times of difficulties what was the thing that always kept you moving on?

My parents wanted me to be a doctor. But this is where my passion landed me to. I did my schooling from Children’s own home, Uttarpara, Kolkata ..  And my graduation  in English Honours from Vidyasagar college, Kolkata. After graduation I shifted to Bombay then.

When I became a part of reality shows in childhood, my studies were also going on.. I had 10th exams and previous other exams too, so leaving school and staying there for the reality shows was a difficult part of my life.  But my school supported me a lot; they told me that I can come just give the exams. My parents were the biggest support for me. So I would say that without their support it would not have been possible.

Q: Were you always associated with music during your student life? How did you manage both?

Music always went on with me. During my student life, my focus was definitely towards music. As since childhood, I had hardcore love for music. As regular schooling was not possible as I had to sit at home and practice it. But my school teachers always understood my love and talent for music and I liked  to participate in all type of singing competitions , so they understood  that she needs her own time  for music and study too. During my student time, without  the support of my school , I don’t think this all would have been possible.


Q: Your voice is the heart throb of millions! How challenging was it for you to reach this stage?

When I was in Kolkata, I randomly started a youtube channel and I regularly used to update my own songs into it, any good songs of mine, my original songs, covers or the songs that I have sung in any serial. I never started the channel thinking that I will become a Youtuber one day or I have to get so many subscribers. I just randomly showcased my talent as much as I could do. Now I have a  Youtube channel with 42k+ subscribers. So starting from 0 and reaching to this much is a huge achievement for me. It was unexpected for me. I never thought of this too. Thanks to all my fans and followers for their love and support.

Q: You do acting as well? Was that also a part of the milestone planning?

Well, I can say that every person’s second choice is acting. But I remained focused in  singing only. Randomly I got an offer to act in a film Roshan which is going to be released this year only. Luckily I got this offer when I went for a  music video meeting of a musical company and the film meeting was also going on there and  the director approached me for the role at that instant only and consequently I also accepted that offer.

Q: What are your future goals? What is your message to the aspiring youth who want to do big in this field?

Recently, I have done a song named Iteefaqan in the movie Wedding Anniversary. This is my first track in bollywood singing. So my future goal is to sing more and more Bollywood songs like this. I have to move ahead in life as my fans expectations are that I do more and more good songs like this and upload good videos. I hope that as a youtuber, I will be more successful and do good in acting as well along with my singing. So these are my future goals.

My message would be that:

If you have talent and the zeal for anything and if you are failing to get any opportunity,then I would suggest that this is an era of digital life and social media. So, one should fully utilize youtube and social media. Sitting at home and becoming a star is not so difficult in today’s time as we can see that there are many things lined up such as the youtube fan fest , and the youtubers that are coming there are normal people like us who would have randomly  started their youtube channel once and today they are a stars.

So if you have any talent don’t hide it or wait for the opportunity. Just give it a chance. Once you get the right platform you will surely succeed.


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amika shail

amika shail

amika shail

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