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“Dream- Believe – Achieve”,Are The Inspiring Words Of A Young Sensational Singer & YouTuber! Meet Diya Ghosh – A New Rising Star.


Meet Diya Ghosh, From Kolkata, who is a Singer by passion, A Youtuber living her dreams and achieving all with her hard work. She made her Debut with Cover of “Jeena Jeena from Badlapur Movie” on her Youtube channel in the year 2015. She aspires to become a renowned singer and religiously practices her singing to achieve her dream. Diya completed her BBA in Aviation from Flying Cats Institute, Kolkata. Other than singing she also plays the keyboard. For Diya, her mother was the inspiration for singing as her mother is a trained Classical Singer and the First Music Teacher for her. Diya’s YouTube Channel has Crossed 131K Subscribers and counting. In addition to her Achievements, she is a great performer and has been a part in Live shows with the Meet Bros.


In conversation with Diya Ghosh –

Q 1. Tell us about your musical Journey?

My musical journey started at the age of 3, In fact, I call it a God-gifted talent I use to humm songs when my mother used to play the songs on the Cassette player. I didn’t even have any proper singing training, identifying my talent my mother supported and encouraged me Later I used to sing in school and other family functions. In fact, I recorded a dozen songs in the studio at the age of 15. And in the year 2014, I started my YT channel which helped me to reach this place, thanks to my mom.

Q 2. Which singer and music composer inspires you the most?

I keep music politics-free, so any composer’s tune or any singer’s and lyricist work which refreshes the heart and soul will be my favorite and I treat it like an inspiration

Q 3. When and how did you discover singer in you? Any family background?

God-gifted talent cannot be hidden from anyone, it comes in blood and it reflects in any action you do. My mom is a classically trained singer but she had to give up due to health reason.
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Q 4. Which is your favorite cover so far?

It’s Kaun Tujhe and Muhjko Barsaat Banalo. Both the songs have melody and rich lyrics.

Diya Ghosh, A perfect combination of Talent & Beauty.

Q 5. You just hit 100k subscribers on YT how are you feeling with this milestone?

Yes, it’s a great feeling when you attain such a milestone. credit not only goes to me but people behind the scenes my musicians, my camera person, Family, friends Well-wishers and my fans who never stopped believing me.

Q 6. Do you feel that you chose your passion or did it choose you?

Passion don’t have any options. Its just designated to you. Just you need to explore it.

Q 7. If you hadn’t chosen singing as your field, what would have been your alternate field?

Maybe it would have been a regular job.


With a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart, Diya Ghosh mesmerises her followers everytime she performs!

Q 8. Diya, tell us what are your future goals and upcoming projects?

My future goal is to grow in music and people should know me more with my work. Upcoming project a few cover song lined up and an original by next year.

Q 9. Besides singing, do you play any instrument?

I play basic keyboard. Its basically to practice the songs.

Q 10. What message, if any, do you try to put across through your work?

Dream Believe Achieve .. It’s my tagline that I put into my work. And that’s the thing that makes me keep going.

Connect with Diya Ghosh, –
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