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This 12 year Old’s Achievements Are Going To Make You Raise Your Brows. ” A World Record Holder For Being The Youngest Composer!”, Meet Pranjali Sinha To Get Some Inspirational Goals!


“Next to the world of god, music is that form which is the greatest treasure in the world.”

Music heals, communicates and does all incredible things. It is a higher wisdom than all wisdom and philosophy.  Without music life is a journey through a desert. It is the act of the prophets and the gift of the god. Age is not a barrier to achieve something big and our little achiever here, Pranjali Sinha proves it perfectly to the point. This maestro has carved a niche for herself in the world of music. She is doing wonders.

Let’s see what music means to her and have a look at her accomplishments in this exclusive interview.

Pranjali Sinha at her album launch

In talks with Pranjali Sinha:

1) Hi!, Pranjali, It’s great to have you on board. Tell us about yourself.

Hi!, I am Pranjali Sinha, student of class VI, from Bangalore. I have been learning music since the age of four. I was first introduced to music by my grandmother. I am learning music from Rajan Sir( Rajan-Nagendra duo), Jeetu Shankar sir and Meeta Pandit mam( Gwalior Gharana).

2) How was your experience at the Bangalore Mirror local vocal hunt ?

Bangalore Mirror local vocal hunt was organised in association with Alive India, which was open for all age groups. I cleared all the rounds which was held at the Phoenix Market City, Bangalore and online voting.

3) What was so special about it, that it claims a special place in your heart ?

I got an opportunity to open the concert for Sunidhi Chauhan. I sang two songs, Pataka Gudi and Saavan Beeto Jaye. The crowd was too huge with a whopping 10000+ spectators. This gave me energy and confidence for a spectacular stage performance.


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4) You composed and sang “Mere Sapne”,at a young age of 11 years, please share your highlights on this.

I started composing at the age of nine. I used to pen down whatever tunes came to my mind and over the time my album –” Mere Sapne” got materialised. My guru, Jeetu Shankar sir, helped me with the lyrics, shoot and recordings of the project. My album consists of five different original tracks of different genres sung by me. One of the songs, Khoye Ho Tum is available on you tube. Hope you listen to it and like it.

5) You are the world record holder for being the youngest composer. Tell us about it

While working on the album – “Mere Sapne” , my parents inquired about the entries to the youngest composer. The Golden Book of World Records approved me as the youngest music composer after all the verifications. 


6) Tell us about the Igenius Max Life Young Singing Star 2015, you won.

I had given my auditions through voice test and Skype. From lakhs of entries only 10 contestants were selected for the grand finale which was held in Mumbai. Salim Merchant and Shraddha Sharma were the judges. I got a wonderful opportunity to be mentored by Salim sir. I was declared the first runner up in the junior category.

7) What advice would you like to give to aspiring musicians?

Music is an ocean and there is learning at every step. Explore different arena of music and see what suits you the best. Success follows after you put in your efforts. Don’t forget to be kind to others and down to earth.

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