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Coming From A Small Town And Making A Popularity In The Indian Music Industry, Meet Vivek Verma, Music Composer, Producer, PlayBack Singer!!

Vivek Verma (born in Raniganj, West Bengal), is an Indian Composer, Music Producer and Playback Singer. He became an assistant to music director Himesh Reshammiya. He studied Indian Classical Music from Veteran Guru Shri Anil Acharya and Shri Sanjeev Mukherjee from Punjab Gharana, and also From pt. Ganesh pd. Mishra from Banaras Gharana. He also loves playing Guitar and Piano. His Works are noted for integrating Eastern and Indian Classical Music with Electronic Music and for fusion with traditional arrangement. He has ventured out in light music also. As Vivek is a Soulful Singer but he also sings western based songs and different Ragas of Indian Classical Music. Vivek got his first break from his single named Fusion with Sufi singer Sangy from NA Classical and his next single is with legendary Indian Singer Hariharan and his fellas Music director Arjuna Harjai , renowned singer Aman Trikha and Sangy. 

Let’s know more about him in this interview we had with him –

Vivek verma with Himesh Reshamiya in one of the music composition.

In a conversation with Vivek Verma- 

1. Working for years and years gives us a lot and lot of experiences, Vivek share your amazing journey with us.

I also have a story unlike anybody else on this planet who have already achieved something by giving us a reason, a lesson to have faith in us or who is trying to Change Their World. When I started all I had was only one thing which I still have ‘PASSION’ for music. I would like to thank each and every one of them including my friends Rohit, Sagar, Priya, Shubhi, My Mom Dad, both of my Gurujis, my guitar teachers, Sanghmitra Ji and many others, because they are the key for this visualization to turn into reality. Behind every successful person there are key people like these that are the reason I got the strength to come Mumbai with a couple of clothes, my Guitar and my dream to work and learn with the tycoon of our nation like HR and many others.

2. Working with legend like Himesh Reshamiya, surely would have provided you with a lot of memories as well as knowledge. Please share your experience with us.

I respect each and every being who has directly or indirectly inspired me to uplift myself and keep trying to find a new me! Himesh bhai plays a major role in it in my life , I have worked with him for movies like, All is Well , ActionJackson , Prem Ratan Dhan Payo , Sanam Teri Kasam ,Teraa Suroor and many other albums as well , and this whole journey is stored up in my mind apart from the experience and learning of not only music but also the experience of business and life.

Vivek Verma with Shaan

3. Indian classical music in itself gives us the sense of peace and relief. You have learnt it from the two of the famous Gharanas, Punjab and Banaras. Learning the music from the legendary people would have been a beautiful one. Tell us something about it.

Indian music is kind of Pattern which works on sound manipulation which scientifically and spiritually opens up a door for its practitioners to a totally different realm, I have always been fascinated with minute details which Hindustani Sangeet carries, fortunate enough to learn a bit from different Gharanas of the nation have turned me into a keen lover of mysticism and spirituality as well.

4. Vivek who’s your favorite singer and what inspires you the most about him?

My favorite singer is undoubtedly Sonu Nigam , the best part about him is his versatility and the amount of accuracy in pitching even when he perform live songs !

Vivek Verma with Salman Khan in the music composItion of Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo.

5. You have fused the Indian classical music with the electronic music. Such ideas come from the experiences. What took you to make such wonderful fusion?

I am a follower of music producers like Hans Zimmer , Skrillex and Deadmou5 so the passion for music production in me has been always keen from the beginning so after getting into Indian classical as well I wanted to fuse both the genre which I eventually did , Music is all about experimentations !!

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6. Vivek, you have also worked with the singers like Hariharan. His works are well known, how do you feel by working with him?

Hari Ji is a maestro , I got to know him via one of the great singers Sanghamitra ji in Anup Jalota ji’s birthday party where an idea hit my mind of making a fusion album including my fellow artists and Hariharan ji !!

The poster of Vivek Verma for the channnel Rudra Media.

7. What is the definition of music for you? With whom do you wish to work in the future?

Music to me for sure is like a way to connect to the supreme (sadhna) and then a way to connect to the mass and on a secondary level it takes great skill to sell your product so its a way to understand a great digital business in today’s era, I wish to work with Ed Sheeran and JB in future for sure !!

8. Your favorite musical quote.

Ummmmm its ‘Music is Bliss’!


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