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Overview, Faculty and B.Sc Courses Offered By St. Xaviers’s Kolkata!


Overview of St.Xavier’s Kolkata

St. Xavier’s College is looked as a mark of distinction and legacy by the society. Apart from the glorious main building, the college is accompanied by Fr. Depalchin Auditorium and Jubilee Building along with others, giving a firm infrastructure to the college.

Faculty at St.Xavier’s Kolkata

A  splendid, compassionate and experienced bunch of people whom students can count on. A thing must be said about college life and co-curricular activities in and around the campus that keeps the college dynamic. Students  with DSLR, Guitars  and Beautiful ladies titivating the campus is a common sight. The ground is always perky with people playing sorts of games and carrying on the activities and Green Benches, a place where talent is born and manifested.

st xaviers kolkata

Courses Offered at St.Xavier’s Kolkata

Below are the various departments for undergraduates :

Department of Physics (B.Sc.)

The department  of Physics is one of the oldest and esteemed Departments of the Institution. The department has grown into the present structure with both UG and PG sections and furthermore, a lot of research activities. Recently, the Department has been betrothed in the new Curriculum restructuring process (UG) with mutual feedback taken from other science Departments, leading to a very effective coursework to be offered to the Physics major students from the academic year 2013. The present faculty members are highly dedicated for quality physics education with innovative methods of theory teaching & practices and inspiring & guided laboratory classes.

Department of Chemistry (B.Sc.)

Students are sent every year to attend the Inter college Chemistry Quiz held at Presidency College. For the past nine years, St. Xavier’s Chemistry Department has acquired and maintained a position either as Champion or as First Runner Up.
Students of all the 3 years attend Group Discussion classes which have recently been made compulsory and form a component of the CIA. They are divided into groups of four and are asked to choose a topic of current interest. The relevant references are provided by the Faculty.

st xaviers kolkata

Department of Mathematics (B.Sc.)

The Mathematics Department of St. Xavier’s College is proud to be the progenies of a glorious legacy. The first name that comes to our mind is that of Rev. Fr. F. Goreux who was associated with the Department from 1940 to 1987 . Fr.Goreux fostered this Department from its infancy and adolescence to youthful independence. He has been a constant source of inspiration as well as the driving force behind this Department for nearly five decades. Generations of students and teachers have enjoyed the balminess of his loving care and benefited from the erudition of this apostle of Mathematics.

Department of Economics (B.Sc.)

The Department of Economics is carrying forward its service to the college under the able guidance of the Principal of the college, Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Felix Raj S.J. The faculty members along with the students of the department form a very cohesive team.

Department of Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Ever since Computer Science was first introduced as an additional subject in class XI in the year 1995 the Department has come a long way. The B.Sc. with Honours in Computer Science was introduced in the year 1998. The  College is one of the pioneering institutes to begin the B. Sc. Course in Computer Science. Since its inception the Department has produced University toppers in all the years till 2008 after which the College started producing batches as an autonomous institute. The year 2005 proved to be a trademark for the Department as M.Sc. (Computer Science) course was introduced as the first autonomous course of the College and it was the first autonomous course among all Colleges under the University of Calcutta.

st xaviers kolkata

Department of Statistics (B.Sc.)

The inception of the department of Statistics dates back to the late fifties but it was not until the sixties that it took off under the able guidance of Late Prof. N.G. Das, Prof. Arijit Choudhury and Prof. U.K. Dasgupta. The department offered only general courses at that time. It was since 1996 that the department started offering both General and Honours courses. Among the many committed teachers who served the department was Prof. A. M. Goon of Presidency College, who taught here for almost a decade as a visiting faculty.

Department of Microbiology (B.Sc.)

The Department of Microbiology has initiated two year Microbiology M.Sc course on August, 2010.. Dr. Surajit Basak from National institute of cholera and enteric diseases has joined the department as a guest faculty. Professor Sudeshna Shyam Choudhury submitted her Ph.D thesis. Dr. Arup Kumar Mitra wrote a comprehensive book on West Bengal board biology which is followed by students all over the state.Twenty research papers from our department have been accepted in the 98th Indian Science Congress in Chennai. Two of our students have been selected for the summer research fellowship programme at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. The Department like other years is taking the lead in the publication of Aviskaar, The Xaverian Journal of Research, 2010

All those seeking for admission in B.Sc courses, St.Xavier’s is the perfect place for you, giving you wonderful research opportunities thus enhancing your knowledge and experience through the entire program.

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