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Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Your D-Day, JEE Advanced 2017 (21st May 2017)


Things to know before JEE Advanced, Do’s and don’ts on JEE Advanced exam day, Things to remember while attempting the JEE exam

Things you should know before the D-Day, JEE Advanced exam

  • Eat healthy –  The weather being too hot, eat healthy food before exam, avoid junk food.  Don’t let your body get dehydrated, drink lots of water and juice.
  • Sleep Properly – If you really want to do your best then have a peaceful sleep of atleast 7-8 hours. It will help you remember whatever you have learnt thorough all the years of practice. Don’t panic, keep your mind calm. Practice same cycle of sleep, cramming at last moment won’t help you much.
  • Visit Exam Center before – To avoid last minute hustle visit your exam center a day before your exam. It will save you from panic.
  • What to study – Write down all the important formula on a sheet of paper. Just revise them before exam, don’t try to solve new and difficult problems at the last moment.
  • Keep fingers clean – Don’t wear henna or color as your index finger fingerprints would be taken at the exam center.
  • What to wear and what not – Avoid wearing full-sleeved and big button clothes, covered shoes, jewellary, instead wear comfortable clothes so that you can fully concentrate on your paper.
  • Don’ts – Don’t carry any kind of electronic gadgets like mobiles, health bands, digital watches. Also avoid any kind of malpractice.
  • Exam Kit – If you want to keep away from all the frightness prepare your exam kit now. It must have downloaded JEE Advanced  2017 admit card, Black Ball Point Pen, eraser, pencils, a valid ID proof (School/college id, aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, driving licence).


Do’s and Don’ts on Exam Day

  • Reach before time – Neglecting this can even prevent you from appearing for the exam. So, reach your allotted  center before 7:45 am. Check your exam room details properly and reach there beforehand.
  • After receiving ORS – Once you have the ORS (Optical Response Sheet) in hand fill in all your details carefully. Fill the circles properly, avoid darkening out of the circle. Read all the guidelines properly.
  • After receiving Question Booklet – Read the instructions on the front page carefully. Don’t tear or detach pages from the booklet.

JEE Advanced

While attempting the question paper

  • Don’t rush through the questions and options. Keep calm, take your time and think properly while going through the paper.
  • Don’t try to attempt all the questions if you are not confident. It will fetch you more negative marking.
  • Fill the ORS very carefully because a single mistake in that can ruin all your hard work.
  • Attempt the paper in two rounds, in first round attempt easy questions which strike at once. In second round, do a bit difficult questions which require more thinking and time.
  • Don’t get stuck on one single question. It will only take your time. Keep moving to next question, you will surely find some easy problems to solve.
  • Having patience will help you win half the race. Keep your mind calm and do it like the other practice tests you did. You will surely get what you deserve. Just go for it. All the best.


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