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Meet The Delhi Guy Who Turned Into A Fashion And Fitness Model, The Talented And Dramatic Soul – Imrann Ahmad


“Destiny and Hard Work go hand in hand!”

Meet Imrann Ahmad. who belongs from Chandni Chowk in Delhi, and has completed his schooling from there itself. Adding to his background and education details Imrann says, “I’m into fitness from my college time and was looking for work for my pocket money and other expenses. So one day, there was this casting going on for Wills India Fashion Week for Designer Neil & Dev, I went for the casting & got selected. That’s how I landed up with the profession where I am today – a lifestyle, fitness and fashion model.”
In conversation with Imrann Ahmad.

1. When was your first exposure to fashion and modelling?

I belong to a middle class family. I’m into fitness from my college time and for my pocket money and other expenses I started working as a promotor for many event companies like promotion of ice cream,Chinese chips,noodles,college fests,pamphlet distribution,etc… After an experience of more than 100 events, I started supplying promoters to event companies where I have worked before. Apart from promotion work, Ek Chotey se dil ka ek chota sa Armaan tha ”Model banna hai” (laughs). So I worked for it, started meeting glamour industry people,some liked me while some didn’t .So one day, there was this casting going on for Wills India fashion week for Designer Neil & Dev, I went for the casting & got selected. I still remember the date (19th Feb 2013).

2. From when and why did you start considering yourself as a model?

I was into fashion more than commercial work. After my first ramp show where I was very nervous (laughs) I got a second ramp in Hyderabad for Designer Sharavan Kumar, Sagar Tenali, and after which I started working in Delhi as well. In second season of Wills India Fashion week, I got a chance to walk for Designer Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap and Ashish Soni. Bas uske baad “Kadam baad kadam badhata raha or raasta banta gaya”.

3. Whom do you consider as your major influences?

Salman Khan was my first influence. I’m a big fan of him. Actually there are few similarities in him and me(laughs) I like what he likes I like and what I like he likes! As an inspiration, I like SRK..  the way he puts hardwork in his performances, I don’t think anyone can be as hardworking as SRK.

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4.How do you see modelling and fashion industry as a part of your profession. Where do you want to see yourself in this profession in next few years?

For me it was always a good option but it’s not that easy to survive in Fashion world. I have seen many UPS & DOWNS in my work but I never lose hope. Suppose if I’m not shooting today,I would better work on myself like developing my personality ,posing, reading something which may help in my future. If you are willing to do something, keep ‘PATIENCE’, if you have no ‘PATIENCE’, you can’t reach to your destination, everyone has to survive for their dreams. Well so much to talk about but I really don’t know where I’m seeing myself after few years, its still not clear! But after all this while what I have found that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

5. What is the most important, challenging and interesting part about choosing your profession?

Most Important: Keep Improving yourself.
  -Challenging: You always have to be the best whether someone gives you credit or not. Be honest with your work.
  -Interesting: A big work is always an interesting part but at the right time.

6. Had you not been a model what would have been your next career option?

As I told have earlier, I was born & brought up at Chandni Chowk. I have a childish nature. I’m more a street guy than a model. On my first day of school, I teased a student the teacher threw me out of the class. On first day of college, I teased my computer fundamental subject teacher, he threw me out of the class and I got rusticated for a week. I got a job in BPO in college days, I teased my team than everybody started laughing, you won’t believe they threw me out in 4days. ‘Ab aisa hu bachpan se toh kya kar sakta hu’. There was only one option left,”My Chacha’s box factory”. Everyone in my family suggested me to work under my Chacha because I listened only to him. I worked there as well but I got modelling assignments during that time so left that and started my career in modelling.

7. Who are your favourite models in the industry and how do you draw inspiration from them?

It’s not that I am only inspired by models. Sometimes a gate keeper teaches you a lot what models can’t. I appreciate those people who are punctual, scheduled, sorted in their lives; because they know what to do and how to do it.

8. Please share a few of your achievements.

My few achievements:-
     I changed myself as a person.I have become a better version of me. I have become more focused, more scheduled,punctual, and many more to work on…
My latest work:
Mcdowells No.1 yaari TV commercial.
AO smith water purifier.
Fab India print campaign and Video.
Godrej professionals new hair color print campaign and a video.

9. What has been the most memorable project and why?

Basically whatever I have worked till now is a good memory for me.

10. What would be your dream project?

There are so many projects left to do. Waiting for my turn.

11. What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue modelling?

Modelling is not just about make good body or wearing good clothes or good looks, modelling is about your overall personality. A model should know where he fits in. One more thing to say, ”STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF AND WORK HARD.”


12. Do you have any plans for acting in movies as a part of your career?

Yes, I do have a plan in acting as a part of my career and I have already started working on it.

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