Crowned as “MISS POPULAR INDIA 2017” in Mr & Miss India 2017 pageant, Yamini Yadhuvanshi shares the success mantra

yamini yaduvanshi

YAMINI YADHUVANSHI  recently won the title of MISS POPULAR INDIA 2017 in Mr and Miss India 2017 . She was among the top 5 finalist of Miss India 2017. Yamini is currently running an academy (KIDS HUB) of various activities like dance and art& craft etc. She is also running an online dance page NRITYA MUDRA CHOREOGRAPHY for online dance learners. Not only this, she also holds a bundle of other awards and acheivements.

Yamini has won various dance competitions and  fashion choreography at state and zonal levels.
-Shortlisted for Madhur Bhandarkar’s acting hunt.
-Shortlisted for Miss Khoobsoorat 2011.
-Tittled as best dancer and Miss talented in 2011
-Secured  1st Position  in inter-college festivals 2014: Daulat Ram College,University of Delhi (for Fashion show);coordinate by her & Technia institute of advanced studies, Indraprastha University (for Dance).
-Secured 1st position again in inter-college festivals 2015: Daulat Ram College,University of Delhi (for Fashion show); coordinate by me , Keshav Mahavidhyalaya , Delhi University (for Dance).
-Secure 2nd position in Bhartiya Vidhyaa Peeth University (for Dance)
-Secure 3rd position in Jims college and Vips college Indraprastha university (for Dance).
Nowdays Yamini is preparing for civil service exams.

1.What did you aspire to become since childhood? Did you always want to be a beauty queen?

Ans: “Beauty Queen” Since the day I heard this word and came to know about it ,this word used to always strike in my mind when I was just a little kid. I always admire how it feels when someone calls your name with a prefix of MISS(Beauty Title) YAMINI…

In my childhood days, I watched various models walking the ramp walk and tried to copy them, which I follow till now. As it is well said that ” practice makes a man perfect”, so I believe that my passion with lots of practice got me here to win this title.

2.How does it feel to win the Miss popular India 2017 Title?

Ans: It feels just the way you feel like when your most desired wish comes true.The most happiest feeling ever is when you see in your parent’s eyes, the mix feeling of tears of witnessing that beautiful moment, and proud to be the parents of Miss Popular India 2017.

3. How did you prepare for this? When did you start?

Ans: In my childhood days, I watched various models walking the ramp walk and try to copy them, which I follow till now. As it is well said that “Practice makes a man perfect” , so I believe that my passion with lots of practice got me here to win this title. Later on, with professional guidance I came to know that this title is not about beauty,lots of responsibility towards society and its people also come along with any beauty title. During Miss India 2017 Pageant, I took Orientation and grooming sessions from renowned mentors. I didn’t even realise when my Fun became my passion and my passion took me to this title.

4. Tell us about your journey of getting into the top 5 finalists and winning this title.

Ans:I want to give all the credits for this biggest achievement to my mother because she took me to its audition and from there my journey started. My audition was taken by Miss Eco Universe Sophia Singh and she gave me golden ticket for direct entry in semi finale as she was so amazed by seeing my creative skills and Dance moves. Then for semi finale i went to Allahabad for Grooming session by Renowned mentors and there I competed with more than 100 participants and able to make it in Top 20 finalist which was judged by actress and former Miss India NEHA DHUPIA. After the successful semi finale it was time to set the stage of Grand Finale on fire which was held in Delhi. Luckily Grand Finale had something Grand for me when I came to know about the jury members for the evening which included URVASHI RAUTELA ( Miss Universe &; Actress), MADHUR BHANDARKAR (Film Director), RANVIJAY SINGH ( Actor) ,; ZOYA AFROZ (Actress). It was always my dream to be crowned by Urvashi Rautela. On that day my name was announced in top 5 finalist and I was graced with the title of “MISS POPULAR INDIA 2017”.

5. What were your expectations from this beauty pageant?

Ans: Winning or Loosing does not matter for me ever. My parents always taught me that cherish and learn from whatever you do and that’s what I did . It’s okay that I didn’t get the Miss India title because I’m sure that god has something better for me in future. I got the title of Miss Popular India 2017 which I think shows much side of me by depicting me as most popular. I wish this title becomes a blessing for me and I become more “popular” in coming days.

6. How was your experience during Miss /Mr. India 2017 pageant?What were the new things which you learnt there that helped groom you?

Ans: Those experiences were beyond expectations. I never thought that it could be much fun while learning the pinch heel task. I learnt various new things and I guess no girl present there could forget the T-Pose for Presentation. One thing that I Strongly adopted is that Patience and Excitement are two sides of a coin, what you choose will decide your destination.

yamini yaduvanshi


7.What are your future goals? Do you have any big screen plans ?

Ans: I will go for other Beauty Titles also to enhance my skills. Big screen plans are everyone’s dream, so mine too. Recently I got to know that my one of the favorite actors, Varun Dhawan got awarded with Most Popular Actor 2017. So I want to work with him and want to make this Jodi of Miss Popular India 2017 and Most Popular Actor 2017 a Hit Jodi in future.

8. What would be your message to the aspiring young girls who dream of winning such beauty pageants?

Ans : For all the girls who want to become beauty queens, I just want to tell them all, that do whatever you feel happy in, which doesn’t hurt anyone’s feeling. Always have trust on your parents, they always have better plans for you and you are already a queen for your parents. Self-confidence and belief in yourself is what you need to win any beauty title.

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