Meet Alankrita Bora from Guwahati, the Youngest Finalist in Miss Diva Universe 2016

A girl basically from the mesmerizing state of Assam, Alankrita Bora is a professional dancer based in Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Contemporary dance form. Her entire family supports her in whatever she does, her family members always stands besides her whenever she needs them. She did her college from Delhi Public School, Guwahati. Her dad is civil engineer and mom is in business, and she chose to step in a very different world that’s the glamour industry which she is very passionate for.

Q) How did Miss Diva happen?

A) My journey  started when I went for Lakme Fashion Week and there the judges and media people noticed me and they very much liked my profile. The judges are on the way for Milan and Paris. They mentioned that I deserve to be something very top and my face and looks are suitable for higher profile and asked me to participate in Miss Diva Universe. The very next day was the audition and I was like “No I am not prepared for this because my age is only 18 and I can’t represent Miss Diva Universe at this moment.” I just came for Lakme Fashion Week and will try for Miss India at a proper age say 21, then the judges were like you have to go for the audition and all. Seriously saying I was not prepared for any kind of audition and the next day I topped  the audition for Miss Diva Universe 2016 and came to Mumbai and also got selected as the youngest contestant to represent the international platform of Miss Diva Universe. From that day itself my whole journey turned into different phase.

Q) How was working with Lara Dutta?

A) Working with Lara Dutta is a divine memory, I got to learn so much that my entire profile for a model turned up to be something very unique. She is the ultimate woman for her grace, beauty  and talent. She gave me much more attention as I was the youngest among all, because there were girls who were 27/ 28 and I just stepped into 18, but Lara was really impressed with my work , and how I was being very professional, passionate and dedicated towards my work. She literally saw me working hard and taking each and every minute things very sincerely. I was also her favorite student and want give my entire credit to her because without her, I would not have been able to set the goals for my entire life. So thanks to Lara mam for her support and love.

Q) Any special moment regarding your Miss Diva journey that stayed with you?

A) I was the favorite of not only Lara Dutta but of everyone. People literally praised me for my inner beauty which is more pleasing and memorable. I am close to each and every contestant and was loved by them, all of them treated me like a princess. People were always supportive towards me whenever I needed them, and I was known as the most prettiest girl in entire Miss Diva Universe 2016 and also the best dancer for my expression and grace as I presented myself while dancing. These are some of the memories which I can’t forget because elegance is not standing out but being remembered for who you are.

alankrita bora

Q) Was modelling the thing you always wanted to do? 

A) Yes off course! Modelling is something which I think is what I am. I present  and see myself as the best and top model. I started my modelling career when I was only thirteen year old and then I won Miss Northeast India, Beauty face of the year, then Calendar Girl and many other titles. Fashion and beauty is in my blood and I do things which suits me and that describes me for who I am.

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Q) When was the first time you realized that you can make it to the glamour world?

A) Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with the ideas, the way I live describes only me. I am being fashionable since childhood, I am a very choosy person in what I do. I am very much particular about what my concern is and what I am suppose to do. Glamour industry is something which I dreamed for as I knew the actual values and importance of my life. So, for me every day is a Fashion show and the world is the runway towards my destiny.


Q) Being from Assam, was there any nervousness when you were just venturing into glamour world?

A) Not at all! I am always being confident and I chose to do things that my heart say. I always believe that in order  to be irreplaceable one must be different. I chose myself to be very grateful for whatever I did and have created my own style and uniqueness for myself.

Q) How has Mumbai been to you? Was adjusting difficult?

A) My ultimate goal is Mumbai and my journey started from it. So whatever I am it’s all for my luck and love for this city, which created my entire journey and Alankrita Bora too.

alankrita bora

Q) Apart from modelling, tell us about your other interests.

A)I am basically a dancer , I started dancing since I was two and a half yrs old. I am an international dancer from Dubai, play badminton and love to debate. I also love designing clothes. Talking about education, I have always been a bright student and I am from Humanity stream, my favorite subjects are Sociology and History. I m also an optimistic girl and & always  give value to my tradition and respect my culture.

Q) Any plans to go to film line?

A) There are many upcoming projects, can’t be descriptive right now, but yes I am doing two films. Let us hope for the best result in future.

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Q) Advise for aspiring models.

A) Be passionate, be yourself, follow your dream and understand what  your mind speaks to you. Fashion you can buy but style you possess. The key to style is  learning who you are, which takes years. There is no road map for your style, it is all about self-expression and above all attitude.

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