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Miss South India Fitness (2015-16) and Miss Bengaluru Fitness (2015-16), a civil engineer turned fitness icon : Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma, Miss Bengaluru fitness 2015-16Miss south India fitness 2015-16 and among the top 10 in Miss Bengaluru beauty 2016 inspires everyone to take up the dream as your passion and how important it is to stay fit for everyone. Pooja has been a civil engineer initially but then followed her heart and ended up being a fitness idol for others.

1. How did you change from Civil Engineer to Fitness Inspiration?

Getting into civil engineering was a hard task but as I passed through becoming an engineer, I realized it was very difficult for me to work under anyone and also  work as something I completely don’t like. So, I switched to something I love and that led me become a fitness inspiration for others.

2. The switch over was a very bold step which you took but this is not much encouraged by an Indian parent. What was the reaction you received?

Well! Yes, this is a bitter truth but for me all this while my parents were not with me and they didn’t have any idea about it even. But, even when I told them about me switching my profession completely upside down, they were not sure about how it will go. They anyhow told me to do whatever I wanted with my own responsibility.

Pooja Sharma

3. How has your life changed after winning the titles and gaining popularity as a fitness inspiration?

When it comes to popularity, all this while I realized that If you will wholeheartedly and ardently follow what you love you will gain popularity automatically. Same has happened with me as well. People love my work because I love it completely and this motivates me daily to put in extra effort in the decision I took.

4. Do you have any plans for Bollywood or you just want to continue in the Fitness field?

Hahaha! No there are no plans for Bollywood as such. I am into fitness and fashion because I believe that these both things go hand in hand. I am working, therefore, working on a blog that would be towards fitness as well as fashion also.

5. Which factor do you see as core mantra for fitness?

Fitness is mainly about dedication. It is not that you follow the things for one or two months and then leave it. You have to take up the fitness task for lifelong as it is a life long process and not for easy faster results.

Pooja Sharma

6. How do you see the ” anti-steroid and pro-steroid” brigade as this has been a debate for a very long time?

This is something that is the personal choice of everyone but when it comes to fitness it is not at all related to it. Steroids are mainly for the body to look fit but they don’t make a person fit. To achieve true fitness hard work is the only key. Of course, they do harm the body of the person who takes it.

7. So, coming to fashion now. What is your fashion mantra?

Fashion should be what is readable, comfortable and at the same time goes with the occasion. The dress that completely boosts the confidence of a person who is wearing it is the best attire as without confidence nothing is appropriate.

8.  What will be your message or advice for the current generation who is stuck to mobiles, laptop etc and doesn’t pay much attention to fitness?

Well! The social media is a nice platform where we get to connect to a wider world but when it comes to fitness even if people engage in fitness activities for an hour in a day would be helpful for them in the long run. ( Without using phones at that time)

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