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A 20 Year Old Fashion Blogger from Indore Aims to Create Her Own Brand – ‘The Swish Browse’, Meet Simran Bhatia

simran bhatia

The swish browse” is one of the fashion blogs owned by a very young and talented girl in her early twenties. Simran Bhatia was born on Nov. 30, 1996. She was born and brought up in Indore. She is a fashion blogger who rocks it with her personal style on social networks like Instagram and posts videos on youtube as well. Simran  has major fan following of more than 60k people on Instagram. She wants to bring in her own beauty product brand. Let’s know her more:  

 1. How did you come up with the idea of having a fashion blog of your own?  

I have been watching several international bloggers since a while and I personally loved how styling was made easier by them. In India, there wasn’t a great scene for bloggers at that time. There were very few bloggers. Considering my love for styling and a will to provide some good content, I gave it a shot and since then there has been no looking back.

 2. “The Swish Browse”, it’s an interesting name. How did you come up with that?

I considered a lot of names like “fashion junkie” “styling” and names related to that. One of the words was “swish”. I really liked that word because I hadn’t seen this name before, like even if I googled the meaning I had to search for it for a long time. So I found it very unique, it means stylish in a very different way. “Browse” came into place as browsing is something that you do on socials or wherever. There is another thing to my blog, since my initials are SB for Simran Bhatia so I wanted SB for my blog too. That’s how Swish Browse fell into place, it just completely filled the bracket.

simran bhatia
Simran Bhatia

3. Who was your support system in your journey till now?

It has to be my family because mom-dad have understood me everywhere. I was 18 and just started going to college and usually parents are like you should study first and then consider other things because blogging is something that takes a lot of time. It took me one hour to tell them, what I want to do with my life. They were like “okay yeah, just go with it”. I wouldn’t have been able to come even halfway through without my sister. She has been helping me with everything. She schedules my shoots and she keeps me motivated through out.

4. Style and Trends change with time. What are your fashion obsessions at present?

My current obsession is ruffled pattern because they add another level of chicness and class to whatsoever way  they are placed, they make an outfit look very different  and they rock. Ruffles were THE thing in the session of Paris Fashion Week or every Fashion Week for that matter. So yeah, ruffles are the things I am obsessing over these days.

 simran bhatia

5. When it comes to your profession, who is your true inspiration in this field?

In terms of my career I am really inspired from Negan. She is an international blogger and she has now come up with her own hair care product brand. So, I am really admired by the kind of work she does and the vision she has is amazing.

6. Tell us about your educational background. Where are you studying presently?

I did my schooling from Queen’s College and now I am doing my BBA. I am in third year of under graduation and will passout mostly in six months.

7. Walk me through your daily routine, like what all you have to do for the shoots and everything? How do you start with your day? Must be really hectic and tiresome?

Yes, my days are quiet tiring. I do photo shoots twice a week.Then, there are video shoots that I do on Sundays. Shoots usually happen early morning because we need daylight and good light, so we start around 7 o’clock and we shoot till 12. Then I leave for my office, I am working on something of my own. I come back around 5-6 o’clock. then I just have some rest. After that, I start editing my videos which I shot the last Sunday. I go out on a drive or some restro like everyday. There is no single day that I don’t go out with my friends or family.

simran bhatia

8. What are the types of hurdles that you have faced during your journey so far, since beautiful things don’t come easy.

There were no major issues except for the hard work that went behind it. I am basically from Indore and in Indore we still do not have proper blogging scenario, we do not have a lot of bloggers here. So till today, I work from Mumbai, most of my shoots are done in Mumbai. Because all the events related to brands take place in Mumbai or Delhi for that matter. So I have to travel a lot. I don’t have the comfort of blogging right in my own city.

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9. What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in coming five years?

I am working on my own brand, it’s a fashion retail brand. So I want that brand to lead the market in terms of its style and fashion and the trends that it comes up with. Majorly, what I am looking out of my brand is to lead the market in terms of trends it sets. It should be that one thing the girls want and look upto in terms of what kind of clothes they want to wear. I want it to be that brand in India and obviously  just expand that whole thing all over the world. That is my plan.

10. What would be the piece of advice you would like to give to the young bloggers just starting out in fashion blogging field?

Be very real with what you are doing. Getting inspired from their style is one thing but just exactly copying what they’re doing is not going to help. You have to somehow make a point of what you want to do with your style. If it’s street styling, stick to it. If you are doing classic styling, stick to it because your followers should know what they are coming up to your blog for. So you have to be very clear with what kind of content you want to provide.  Enjoy blogging and have fun. Also don’t give up, it’s gonna take time but it’s gonna work out with time.

simran bhatia


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