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Know the Work Culture of the Team organizing “Yuvaan”, Literary Fest of Delhi Technological University

DTU is a place where through this fest ‘YUVAAN’, students from different colleges and universities come together and share perspectives. It is well known that students are not just limited to their books these days, they are a full package of hidden talents. YUVAAN is catering to these talents of students from all over India, where one gets chance to show writing skills, advertising, graphic designing and a lot more.

Some of the most exciting events going to be held in this edition of fest are AD MAD, WORLD WAR, POETRY STAM, GREY MATTERS, ANKAHE ALFAAZ, LET’s WITTICISE & many more.

In conversation with the team :

1.  What is the core team size of Yuvaan, 2017?

We have 20 core team members and over 40 members who are helping us organize the fest in such large scale.
The various teams are Corporate, Publicity, Content, Logistics and Hospitality. The event coordinators and general secretaries look into the synchronization of all the departments.

2. What is unique about your Yuvaan team.

We are a set of Literary enthusiasts with a common desire of effecting a change in this world in our own small way. We comprise a team who believes in working hard and partying harder.

3. For how long have you all been working to execute Yuvaan ?

We have been working for over 3 months to make this Fest a grand success. We are focusing on covering a wider range of people through our Publicity. At the same time, we believe in audience-connect and are also focusing on keeping our events relevant for them.

4. Which are the audiences you target other than your college ?

We are mainly targeting colleges in Delhi and NCR region. We have offered invitations to most colleges of this region irrespective of the academic/institutional affiliation of the colleges.
To ensure footfall, we have put in a lot of effort for both online and offline publicity and paid emphasis on word-of-mouth publicity.

5.  What are the new initiatives in Yuvaan?

Yuvaan is targeted at the youth, so we have something for every kind of person who attends our fest. From debates for the outspoken ones to a reading lounge for the bookworms, fun activities to Quizzing and Poetry, Participants will be spoilt for choice at our Literary Exhibit.
The uniqueness in our fest will be it’s culmination of various genres of Literary Arts with the backdrop of an engineering college.

6. Which are the celebrities you are inviting in Yuvaan’17?

We have a set of Guest Lectures from the ranks of Major General G D Bakshi to Journalist Sunetra Choudhuri, comedian Aakriti Tyagi to author Talish Ray. These honorary personalities will be gracing our fest and sharing their words of wisdom with the youth through our platform.

7. What is your style of leadership to manage such a big team?

A supportive leader is the best leader, one whose not above you, but stays by your side and works along. We believe in listening to every member’s view before taking a decision and that was the best form of leadership.

8. What are some suggestions you would like to share with others who want to be in core team of fest in their colleges?

Think of an idea, be determined, put in effort and do not be discouraged by things not working out at times. Be professional yet warm, and most importantly, make a good team. These teammates will turn out to be lifelong friends you will always cherish.

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