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Know the Hard Work & Efforts of the Team organizing Sevaarth, Annual NSS Fest of PGDAV College, Delhi University

Sevaarth did mark its presence in January 2015 for the very first time where it was appreciated for its uniqueness and socio-fun combination. Crowd from Delhi University, JNU, DTU and other colleges attend this event. Footfall ranges in thousands. Events that are held in this fest are Walk for Affinity, Junkathon, Fortune Foraging, Divyaang Talent Hunt, SnapshotStar, Enact.

The previous fests were exuberant and full of zeal. Events like T-Shirt painting, PWD Talent Hunt etc. enthralled the crowd and judges. The Earth Saviours Foundation, Cloth Box Foundation, Red Cross Society and Medicine Baba are some major collaborators of their past events. An interactive session with Ravi Kalra, Founder of THE EARTH SAVIORS FOUNDATION, was also held. Sevaarth, 2017 is going to get started from 20th Jan.

NSS PGDAV stands amongst the top 3 NSS Units of University of Delhi. It is considered as the most active, enthusiastic and creative NSS UNIT as well. There are almost 150 students who actively participate in this society.

In conversation with Shaloo Bhansali, Secretary, Sevaarth’17 :

1. What is size and structure of Sevaarth Core Team?

Our core team is hard working and productive. It is divided into various departments with their heads as follows:-

President– Anupam Gaurav

Vice President– Parveen Dhiman

Secretary– Shaloo Bhansali

Joint Secretary– Khushboo Goyal

Treasurer– Diksha Bhutani

ORGANISING HEAD– Rishabh and Bimal

PROMOTION HEAD– Umang and Saumya

CREATIVE HEAD– Ritika and Puneet

MEDIA CORDINATORS– Tanya and Tarishi

PWD HEAD– Nirdesh and Nipun

Sevaarth Team
Sevaarth Team

2. Tell us briefly about your team.

Our team consists of very hardworking members who work day and night to make Sevaarth a bigger and better event than the previous one.  The members are part of teams that are looked over by a head and this helps in decentralizing the work and reducing the work load on the office bearers so that they could concentrate on much important work.

3. For how long you start working and planning for Sevarth? What are the main key areas you focus the most in planning?

Sevarth is a fest that attracts a lot of young crowd so to make it a memorable one, planning started at least two months prior to the date of the annual NSS Fest. The main key areas that we focused on this year were promoting and advertising our fest with new developments like our own official website, app etc.

4. Which are the major cities or colleges you target the audience from ? How do you ensure the footfall from the colleges other than DU colleges?

The major cities that are targeted are mainly Delhi NCR and all the college students are invited in our fests. The footfall is ensured from colleges other than DU by promoting as much as we can and making people as much aware of SEVAARTH as much as possible.

5. What are the new initiatives you have taken in Sevaarth’2017? Can the audience expect to experience something different from past fests of your college?

This year we have focused on campus cleanliness, a Swatch Bharat Abhiyan initiated by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, medicine, clothes and book collection drives donated to the needy.  Since we have diverse themes every time, a new segment is added to it this year that is a fashion show initiated for the underprivileged which could be our major attraction for this fest. So yes, the audience can definitely experience something very different that the past two years.

6. Which are the bands & celebrities you are inviting in Sevaarth, 2017?

We are inviting Varun Pruthi, a well-known actor, dancer, social worker and a motivational speaker and has taken an initiative called “Bringing Back Humanity” which is to bring happiness and difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

7. How is your fest different from others?

Sevaarth is all about knowing how a little help can change the world and it does not really brings a drastic change but it can be seen gradually. Our fest focuses on social issues and making people aware about them in an amusing way so that it could be embedded in their minds. Like reusing, recycling, being considerate to the underprivileged and helping others without thinking about oneself. All these points make our fest different from the others.

8. Share some experience or learning which helped you the most during execution of Sevarth’17?

Execution of Sevarth’17 has been a roller coaster ride and surely a memorable one. The management of this fest has been once in a lifetime experience. It has helped me make my decisions more affirmatively and confidently and most importantly helped each and every member of our team to believe in themselves rather than depending on other people’s opinion. This yearly fest has brought up unity and dexterity in our team and has made our bond stronger than ever.

Sevaarth for Social Work

9. Tell us something about your Post Fest Grand treat? How do you celebrate it?

After the fest gets over, all the members of our society meet up and have a party to celebrate all the hard work and efforts put to make that fest so grand.

10. What is your style of leadership to manage such a big team?

Such a big team requires a lot of effort and time to be put in to make a correct decision. So all the members are called up in a meeting and asked for their suggestions and views so that it could be kept in mind while taking the major decision. This helps in getting new ideas and evokes innovation in the young minds.

11. What are some tips/suggestions you would like to share with the students who are passionate in managing any event/fest in their colleges?

For managing any event, the person has to indulge himself more and get hold of the things that may cause a barrier in the outcome of the event. One should take responsibility and manage only that much things one can handle.

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