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Get Ready To Witness The Asia’s Largest Technical And Entrepreneurial Festival Hosted By IIT Kanpur – Techkriti! 15th-18th March It Is!!


Dear all,

IIT Kanpur, one of the most premium institutes of India, has always encouraged the spirit of innovation and technology through its annual technical festival Techkriti, which is known to be Asia’s largest Technical and Entrepreneurial festival. This year IIT Kanpur is conducting the 24th edition of Techkriti from 15th -18th March. Techkriti in its previous years has witnessed prominent personalities like Lt Dr A P J Abdul Kalam (Former Honourable President of India), Dr Hamid Karzai (Former Honorable President of Afghanistan), Pradeep Sindhu (Founder, Juniper Networks), Prof. Henry Schaffer III (Peter Deby Awar Winner, USA), David Reitz (Executive Director, LIGO Laboratory), Prof. K.C. Nicolaou (2016 Wolf Prize recipient for Chemistry, USA) and so many more, sharing their experiences with the most diverse representation from every corner of the country.


The diverse variety of competitions organized by Techkriti tries to provide a platform for students across the country to develop expertise in many technical skills as well as entrepreneurial skills. Some of the major competitions which witness a good number participation are:

a) IMP (Innovation in Manufacturing processes)Prize money: INR 5,00,000/-

It is a platform for students to display and exuberate their talent in design and manufacturing by designing an effective and innovative hardware model and giving a final working shape as a hardware prototype.

b) SkysparksPrize money: INR 2,55,000/-

It is presented by The Boeing Company and Boeing National Aero Modelling Festival, IIT Kanpur to provide an opportunity to the students to compete for different flyers through a series of different rounds doing different manoeuvres and showing their talent in flying like payload dropping, limbo flying and on spot landing.

c) RobowarsPrize money: INR 2,50,000/-

It is a flagship event of Techkriti where participants come up with a wirelessly controlled robot capable of a one on one combat to win.

d) TIC ( Techkriti Innovation Challenge)Prize money: INR 2,00,000/-

TIC is the event which inspires students to come up with a fabricated idea, in the form of a working model, that can bring a positive change in the field of Technology.

e) IARC (International Autonomous Robotics Challenge)Prize money: INR 2,00,000/-

This event is all about an autonomous bot built from scratch by participants, judged on its ability to perform usual tasks. Top teams will be given free-internship opportunity in robotic companies in association with AICRA.


f) Upstart PioneerPrize money: INR 1,50,000/-

The event provides the platform where a startup can find its foundation. This contest aims at laying a carpet for startups to establish a big company by providing proper mentorship and guidance.

g) MultirotorPrize money: INR 1,50,000/-

It is an event where students show their talents through Multi-rotor.

h) Techkriti Grand PrixPrize money: INR 1,20,000/-

This is an event where the teams are required to fabricate a miniature model of a remote-controlled vehicle that is powered by an Internal Combustion(IC) Engine for propulsion.

i) IOPC (International Online Programming Contest )Prize money: INR 1,00,000/-

It is a prestigious programming contest where each coder tries to code solutions to the given problems.

j) I.I.I. (Industry Institute Interaction)Prize money: INR 85,000/-

It is an event where civil department students are encouraged to solve engineering problems in industries for a greener economy.

You can view the complete problem statements for the above competitions here

You can view the posters for various competitions of Techkriti’18 here

Deadline for registering for above competitions is 10th February 2018.

All these competitions aim at challenging students to bring out the best in them, so Techkriti reaches out to students in colleges across India to participate. We organise workshops and talks which aim at inculcating scientific temperament among students.

We look forward to your participation in Techkriti’18!

We also request you to pass this information to all interested.

Thank you.

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