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This 19 Year Old Is Capturing Hearts All Over Social Media With Her Beautiful Poetry! Meet Somya Singh : ‘TheDarkEscape’


“To write about all the feelings and discover the new ones. This journey has never been without one. Let me take you past the feelings you suppress and the feelings that suppress your heart. Life, my friend is a beautiful journey of emotions, feelings and our thoughts. No soul works without them. Come along, let me put words to your thoughts.” – Somya Singh (thedarkescape)

There is an interesting side of the social media that lets people express the canvas of their mind. Instagram and Facebook have become popular platforms to build readership and etch out verses that touch our hearts. Meet the19 years old Somya Singh, currently pursuing Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication, who is very popular for her beautiful way to express her emotions and thoughts through her words. Heartbreak was something which brought out the poet in Somya. She first started writing when she felt that nobody knew about or could understand the rage and range of emotions going inside her heart and head. Looking for some love advice? Definitely go through her beautiful writing on Instagram and WordPress.

Somya Singh interview student stories poetess poetry
A Beautiful Soul- Somya Singh

Lets get into a conversation with Somya Singh:

1. How important do you think poetry is for our society?

Poetry is nothing but everything you see and feel throughout your life, some people find the correct words to life and call it poetry. Poetry as it sounds is like a rhyme to one’s life, it is important for all the people who see and feel those words and feelings. But you can’t really decipher each and every person in the society and their opinion about poetry and to all the people who understand it, understand life in a way or at least know about the struggles of living one happily with all the flavors of right and wrong.

2. Can you describe the time when you first realized that poetry was something you absolutely wanted to do?

That was the time when nothing and nobody knew about or could understand the rage and range of emotions going inside my heart and head. That was the time where I just wanted to pen everything down and explain to people of what and how I felt. When all my actions and gestures failed and my emotions were still not conveyed, I chose to write them down. And I don’t have any clue how those emotions written down on a piece of paper made sense to everyone and that they could finally hear what my soul had to say, they could now connect with me through my words.

Somya Singh poetess interview student stories
Her words will make you fall in love with love again- Somya Singh

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3. What are your writings mainly based on? And how do you get the ideas to start off with the writings?

Well, on this part I’ve been a little lucky, I have had my heartbroken, people close to me left, I have felt the power of one-sided love, I have seen people called friends ditch and go and the list continues. My writings are mainly about human emotions of love, heartbreak, inspiration and everything, diversity is the key! I write about everything that inspires me or touches my heart in anyway.

4. Who’s work has inspired you the most and why?

I don’t have an idol but I look up to everyone in life because more than humans their journey of experiences guides me better to write. So, if I am with a person I get to learn about them and their experiences that tell me a lot more about life. And about the best inspiration, it has to be the silence of the darkness. Darkness inspires me the most.

Somya Singh interview poet poetry student stories
Somya Singh defining new levels of poetry with her magical words

5. What do you try to communicate through your writings ?

I try to communicate life through words, for me love is the drug to your life. It can sure make you and break you. And the worst part is you need this drug all the time in your life in any form or state, it is an essential. I talk about love and everything woven around it.

6. Is there any difference between the old age poets and the modern day young poets? If yes, what and which one do you prefer personally?

I don’t see any major difference. Experience is the key to expertise and not age, so the only difference is the kind of atmosphere and environment they had and we have.

Somya Singh interview student stories post instagram
Beautiful Smile- Somya Singh

7. What was your first poem about and how did you come up with it?

My first poem was about a girl with a broken heart. It was the typical heartbroken rant I had put words into. I came up with it when I actually could feel something inside my heart move and ache a little.

8. Is there anything memorable you would like to share with us?

Memorable ? This is one of the major reasons I started writing, a random night I was searching through write ups and poems online. I was going through all kinds of quotes, a weird thought struck my head of how people who don’t know me can put words to what I feel. So why I can’t do it myself. Hence, I wrote my very first poem, to express what all I was feeling.

Somya Singh interview student stories poetry istagram
From the beautiful world of Poetry- Somya Singh

9. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself somewhere in the crowd of thousands but not as a part of them but to be the person who got them there.

10. Any message you would like to give to others?

I would just like to tell everyone that the world is a beautiful place all you need to do is find the beauty in it, you have a lot to learn and see, so observe everything. And a little love advice, you sometimes fall for things which aren’t yours. So don’t break your heart, all of us have a lot of love within us. Learn to give it so that it comes back to you, here’s a thing with love you get more of it when you giveaway all of it. So, love with all your heart but love yourself the most.

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