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Meet Nehalaxmi Iyer : The Sizzling Sensation Of Telly Town As She Gets Candid About Ishqbaaz, Her Life & More !

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“Acting touches nerves, you have absolutely no control over!”

Acting is not being emotional, it is being able to express emotions. An actor is one who acts as a lightning rod between the director and the audience. An actor is a multitude of many moments who explores many souls. Acting is the most personal of our crafts. The make-up of a human being- his physical, mental and emotional habits- influences his acting to a much greater extent than commonly recognized. It deals with intricate and delicate emotions and is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts, he does not hide himself but exposes himself to the fullest. We now get candid with one such classy superstar herself, Nehalaxmi Iyer a.k.a. Saumya of “Ishqbaaz” fame. Neha has been the talk of the town ever since her debut as a child artist in Zee TV’s “Banegi Apni Baat” and made her strong presence as Najma in the daily soap “Qubool Hai”.

child artist nehalakshmi iyer interview student stories
The ever so cute Neha as a child artist.

In conversation with Nehalaxmi Iyer:

1) You began your career as a child artist, what role has it played in elevating your career ?

I believe that every child is an artist. To begin a career as a child artist is very important as it adds a lot of experience in your acting. But when you take a break and come back as a professional actor, it’s completely different. It is as good as a totally fresh start.

2) Tell us about your initial shooting days

I don’t have a lot of memory as a child artist. But my initial shooting days as a grown up involved a lot of self exploration as an actor, relearning the technicalities. So, it was very interesting and challenging at the same time. I was juggling with my degree education and my shoots together.

interview student stories ishqbaaz
The ever so cute- Nehalaxmi Iyer

3) In what genre of roles do you prefer to act ?

I don’t want to restrict myself to a particular genre. I am always ready to accept challenges. It gives me a strong connection between myself and the character I play. When you are an actor, every job has a new challenge. I always believe in challenging my limits and not limiting my challenges.

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4) What is that one quality, you think an actor must possess ?

Intelligence. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Intelligence is a way of acting. Most good actors have a huge intelligence about human emotions and situations and also have a real open heart to different kinds of people and their behaviour. Intelligence turns  me on.

actress actor interview student stories nehalakshmi iyer
Neha surely knows how to act her heart out

5) To which role of yours, do you relate the most ?

The character of Saumya, the RJ, Love Angel from “Ishqbaaz”, from one of the most loved serials of Star Plus is my favourite. I also played the same role in its spin-off “Dil Boley Oberoi”. The characters, Saumya and Rudra steal the viewers hearts with their daily fights and sweet banters.

6) Tell us about various accolades you have won

I was awarded with Award of Excellence in the field of Acting. It was presented to me on International Women’s Day by All Ladies League. Apart from that I was also nominated in the best sister category at the Zee Rishtey Awards.

Nehalaxmi with her co-stars from ISHQBAAZ

7) Your instagram account depicts a lot about your popularity. How do you feel ?

With 364K+ followers, it is truly an inspiration for me to elevate my acting career. With lots of fan following I really feel special and work continuously to keep up to their expectations.

You can connect with Nehalaxmi here:

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