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The Youtube GLOBAL Music Icon With Millions Of Viewers : Prateek Sahai – The Fab Music Composer, Singer, Lyricist & Engineer !

prateek sahai youtube sensation interview student stories

Prateek Sahai, from Delhi who is a self made artist who is popular for his YouTube Music videos and cover songs with over 4 Million channel views. He is also a Vocalist, Guitarist, Music composer & lyricist. Always active in cultural events in school he got acquainted with a lot of musical instruments. He also holds an Engineering Degree in Computers. His first cover was the English version of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ that made him famous and earned him many fans globally. From writing lyrics to sound effects, music tracks to vocals, video shoots and graphics everything is managed by Prateek himself. He has a huge fan following all over social media with over 80k followers on Facebook. This young guy seems to be unstoppable.

prateek sahai youtube sensation interview student stories

Check out his Super Hit Cover of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ with 2.2 million views.


In Conversation with Prateek about his Musical Journey so far :

1. Tell us about the vocal training that you’ve received since the beginning of your music career.

My Guru Maa is Mrs Shrabani Bhrahmachary from whom I took lessons for Indian Classical Vocals. She is a Bengali playback singer with a beautiful voice and sweet nature.

2. When and how did you discover the singer in you? And who mainly inspired you to join this field of music?

My musical journey started when my father Mr. Lovekush Sahai (National award winner in comics writing) and mother Mrs. Sapna Sahai (Bharatnatyam/Kathak Trainer) brought me a toy keyboard when I was in 1st standard, it didn’t take me long to play ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’ a rhyme I was familiar with, my parents were surprised and gifted me a Casio keyboard few weeks later on my birthday. Always active in cultural events in school, I played and got acquainted with other instruments as well. YouTube was my teacher and with the previous knowledge of Swaras, I started playing guitar. With regular training and practice I took a shot at vocals as well and that’s how it happened. My parents inspired me the most as they were/are always there to support me for music.

prateek sahai composer artist interview student stories

3. Tell us about the main turning point of your career and about the first successful song cover.

I was listening to Tum Hi Ho Instrumental and starting singing few lines in English with the same music. I finally recorded it and uploaded a slideshow video on YouTube just to share a link with my friends on Facebook and it started getting thousands of views daily. I didn’t upload anything on my channel for a year after uploading it as I had no plans for being a YouTuber but my family and friends encouraged me and I started doing more videos.

4. Do you think YouTube plays a major role to gain popularity and fame?

Yes! YouTube did everything for me. YouTube taught me how to play guitar, how to work on complex music production software, what all devices are needed and how to operate them. Also, I am known for my songs just because they are on YouTube.

5. What is the secret behind the success of ‘Prateek Sahai’?

My Parents and people who love and support me and my hard work are the only real reasons behind my success.

6. Whose song inspires you the most from Bollywood industry and why?

There are many talented people in this industry and they all are doing a great job. My choice for the same keeps changing with time.

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7. There is a lot of competition in this industry as you are aware of, so how do prepare yourself to face this competition all around?

I don’t compete with others, I just work for my happiness, my fans and people connected to me. If I see someone growing, I feel happy instead. To grow in this industry, I keep myself updated with the changing trend and taste. Also, I keep working on different music styles to bring something new.

8. Tell us about the struggles that you’ve faced to reach this position today.

By the grace of God, I had no struggles related with my personal life to rise in this field, I worked on myself day and night without sleeping for so many nights which includes learning music production and video editing techniques online, testing my skills on complex music production software, attending vocal classes regularly followed by daily practice (Riyaaz), practicing musical instruments, attending workshops, seminars and meetings etc to learn more and more.

prateek sahai youtube celebrity interview student stories
My friends ,family and fans are my real supporters- Prateek Sahai

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

If everything goes right for me as it is going presently then hopefully I would like to see myself in Bollywood in next 5 years.

10. What message would you like to give to the young aspiring singers?

Competition is there and you need to work really hard to shine bright. Try to do something unique if you can it really works.

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