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“Poetry Is A Language Which Is Most Distilled & Powerful” – A Paradise Of Untitled Whispers By Shraddha Bansode !


You are not

here to fit inside


you are here

 to stretch

your arms

and create

a Universe

that is made up of


Shraddha Bansode, also known as ‘Sh‘ on her page, is a 22 year old writer who has turned her childhood letter writing hobby into a full-grown passion. As a kid, she wrote letters in her diary to imaginary people and realized that the odd habit was indeed very comforting. Luckily, she never got bored of words and still continues to write. And thanks to her page, her writings now reach real people every day.

Shraddha has never explicitly mentioned her name on her poetry page and there’s a reason for that. “I think people should never keep in mind if I’m a girl or a boy, or if I’m an Asian or an American. My identity has nothing to do with my poems. The only thing that matters is that The Untitled Whispers is a page by a human, who is just like everyone else.”

Apart from writing poetry, Shraddha also works in the advertising industry and loves to create things on a regular basis. She is a girl of great talent but most importantly she is a generous soul who is filled with dreams, love and care for others around her. Shraddha Bansode is a gifted and a talented soul and we are glad to be interviewing her for Student Stories. Read her inspiring story down below.


In conversation with Shraddha Bansode- Writer | Founder | “Untitled Whisphers”:

1. A writer while giving the title has to think on it deeply. ‘Untitled whispers’, name would surely have a story. Please share it.

I was certain about the fact that I wanted my poetry page to have poems that connect with people on an intimate level. I wanted people to read my poems and feel that the poem was written just for them. Hence, whisper. It’s something I am saying softly, just to you, the reader. Untitled because I am not very good at writing titles.

2. A writer who inspires a lot of readers, also gets their inspiration from someone. Who is that someone in your journey?

I don’t really have a ‘someone’ who inspires me to write. There have been a lot of people, to be honest. And these are not necessarily the popular writers or artists out there. Inspiration comes from anyone, even from strangers. And, I am just glad it does because you never have to go looking for it then.

Famous quote from her favorite book

3. A girl becoming a writer definitely stores a lot of reading and reading. Which writing works have influenced you the most?

I don’t have favorite authors as such but I am a big fan of Khaled Hosseini. His work is phenomenal and it moves me. The first book that made me cry was ‘The Kite Runner’. I cried so much. It was a strange feeling but I can never forget it.

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4. A writer is said to be the one who brings out the feeling and emotions of people which they hide in them. How are your writing pieces connected to it?

I don’t force myself to write something that brings out emotions. I write only when I feel there’s a need for something to be said. Most of the times, I discover quite a lot about how I feel while writing a poem and it just happens magically. Some of the poems are also written with some people in mind so it helps me craft the poem in a way that it helps the reader connect. I know it might sound strange but I am just happy that it works.


5. If you were given a chance to have a talk with any of your favorite writers, whom will you choose and why?

I would love to talk to Sarah Kay. I’ve met her once when she visited my country for a show but we didn’t have a conversation. She is such a beautiful person and her poems are outstanding. It will be fun to have a chat with her. If I am lucky enough, maybe, someday we’ll meet again. You never know.

6. Brewing a deep thought into a tiny tale , how you manage to perform and give the best to your followers?

For me, writing a tiny poem is more challenging than writing the longer ones. It’s because with these you have a certain limit. It usually start with a thought, think over it and wait for words to just come to me. Once I have a few words to begin with, I focus on the sound of the poem. Fixing the sound of a poem also happens to be my favorite part. I post the final poem only when it sounds right to me. Luckily, it sounds right to my followers too. My readers are really encouraging and they motivate me to write.


7.  Being a writer, any inspirational quote for all the youngsters out there.

“Not to sound preachy or something, but don’t create art unless you really feel it. Make integrity the heart of everything you do.”

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