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Meet A Fashion Blogger From Hyderabad Who Wants To Revolutionize Indian Fashion Industry – Tadasha Mishra

interview fashion blogger tadasha student stories fashion blogger

Meet Tadasha Mishra from Hyderabad who is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and wants to open up her own successful company in future. She is currently a student of fashion management and wants to take the fashion marketing industry to higher levels where it can get the due attention needed.

Her views regarding fashion follows the old saying of keeping everything simple, but classy. In such modern era of fashion where everyone is hording on makeup, her refreshing views take us to a world of solace. She believes that one should always follow their passion and dreams. She thinks writing blogs has given her a platform to reach out to many people and spread her views about fashion. For her further views tune into the interview down below.

interview fashion blogger tadasha student stories fashion blogger

In conversation with TADASHA MISHRA :


1. When and how did you realize blogging is the thing you want to do?

I have been wanting to blog for the past 4 years but as I was really busy with college I never really could do it. But now I thought I should just give it a shot or maybe in future I might regret the fact that I never tried.


2. From where did you learn about fashion and lifestyle?

I believe that fashion is not something that can be learned. Everyone has their own style statement and mine is keeping everything very simple but classy. This kind of style developed in me because of my dad. He used to take me shopping when I was a kid and bought everything, that was in trend that helped me understand fashion more.

interview fashion blogger tadasha student stories fashion blogger

3. Was the journey difficult?

Yes, of course, the journey is a little difficult. But my Blog is a way of letting my thoughts and ideas come out.


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4. Do you think bloggers like you are the key to changing India’s views about fashion and lifestyle?

I think over the period of last 5 years the viewpoint has changed a lot but we still have a long way to go and I m sure bloggers will definitely contribute to the change.

interview fashion blogger tadasha student stories fashion blogger

5. What are your future goals?

As a fashion management student I would get into fashion marketing. And I hope someday I become the CEO of a very successful company. I am never going to stop blogging no matter how busy I get.

6. Any advice that you would like to give to other young fashion and lifestyle bloggers?

Just follow your heart and work hard. Don’t worry too much about followers if you are good they will increase over the period of time.


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