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The Man Behind The Phenomenal Success Of “The Melting Words” – Rahul Kaushik ! A Writer, Poet and Dreamer Who Is Worth Celebrating !

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Grandma, did Grandpa ever made you feel jealous ?

Few years after marriage, he changed. He started loving another girl. And all his love and care were divided between us. Sometimes yes, I did feel a little insecure! But she was your mother, so I didn’t really mind. He was a wonderful husband but the best Dad.

A Little tale by by Rahul Kaushik | Founder | Writer | Melting Words


Rahul Kaushik used to write in Hindi, then he switched to English because “if you write in Hindi, you are considered to have a low intellect.” He was later disillusioned by what he calls the ‘wannabe writers groups’, who trade a like for a like and praise for praise. He completed his studying from Dronacharya college of Engineering. He’s the Founder And Writer of “The Melting Words”.

The Melting Words is a dream on-screen, a dream that Rahul has dreamt for 5 years, and a dream that now he is living. The beauty lies in expressing the most complex things in the simplest way. And that is the real beauty and enigma behind the success of The Melting Words. The aspiring author even submitted his poetry to  various Facebook pages that asked for contributions, but never heard back in terms of recognition. Maybe that’s why he makes sure that on his page, The Melting Words, he replies to each message (up to 300 a day) — some to praise his work and others to ask for advice.

He is man of great talent but most importantly he is a generous soul who is filled with dreams, love and care for others around him. Rahul Kaushik is a gifted and a talented soul and we are glad to be interviewing him for Student Stories. Read his inspiring story down below.


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In conversation with Rahul Kaushik :

1. Rahul, from where did you get the idea of “The melting words”?

I have been writing from 7-8 years. I was always interested in it so I decided to write on my account but nobody really liked it. I used to get hardly a great response on my posts. Nobody really showed their interest in my writing but some people praised me and that’s what pushed me to make my own page “THE MELTING WORDS”.

2. What process do you follow for your writing?

First I think about the situations where one could get emotional or one could relate to. Then I create my own imagination based on how a person may have felt at that moment. After that I try to put those emotions in my writing and by using more of emotions and little bit of vocabulary I write what I actually feel through my imagination.


The beautiful and Heart Touching Creation of Rahul Kaushik.

3. From where do you take inspiration for your writings?

I don’t take inspiration from anywhere. Actually I imagine things and write about it. I create situations related to friends, related to family and write about it. People think that there must be something that happened in my life because of  which I’ve become a writer but it’s not like that. I write so that readers can relate themselves to my writing.


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4. Does writing energizes or exhausts you? How does it feel when people recognize you and admire you?

It definitely does not exhaust me but it’s not like I write and get an energy boost. I love writing but when I write something and read it by myself, it feels wonderful. I think it’s important for everyone to get praised for their work. A confidence is built up on your own work, and I think to do something it’s important to have faith in ourselves. We need to be patient so that our work can be recognized by others and most importantly recognized by ourselves.


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5. Can you define yourself in a single sentence?

I can’t define myself in a single sentence but ya I would say I am a person with awesomeness and a good sense of humor. So yeah if I am ought to define myself in one word, I would definitely use ‘awesome’.


6. What was the reaction of your family and friends when you introduced the idea of writing for the first time?

When I started writing some friends encouraged me, some just said Rahul your writing is not about a particular area write like this and do like that, follow a process. First kind of people really encouraged me and I don’t really care about the latter ones. As I said writing should be natural it should not get affected by stereotypical process of writing. Writing is writing, emotions in words and emotions can be shown in different formats. So, in the beginning I got both type of reactions some encouraged some discouraged me.


rahul kaushik interview melting words interview love success story
The Man behind the success of “The Melting Words”

7. Rahul what’s your message to the budding writers or to all other people out there starting from scratch?”

l just want to say that keep writing even if you feel nothing’s going right. You don’t need to be perfect for writing just a little bit of vocabulary and more of emotions. Writing is more than words, it’s about emotions and emotions can be felt by anyone. So don’t give up just keep writing.


Connect with Rahul Kaushik and Melting words here :


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