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Its way Different Swag! The Round Table Society from Kirorimal College organized “Kalam Youth Fest’17”

The Inter-Deparment Society of Kirorimal College, University of Delhi- The Round Table Society recently organized Intellosphere and Eduneeti. ‘The Round Table’ brings forth a unique concept – forging linkages across disciplines by fostering critical analysis and co-creation of knowledge. This time they’ve proved it again that they are not famous for no reason. Intellosphere was based on the theme of Kalam Youth Fest with the motive of bringing out the passion of youth. It also included Model United Nation which is a simulation of United Nation Conference. We’d a chat with Udita Singh, President of Round Table Society to know more about the strategies they’ve used for making their event such a success.

1. Tell us something about your team. Also, what makes your team unique?

Our team consists of 50 members from different courses and years. Out of 50 members, 8 are core members- 5 dept heads, 2 coordinators and 1 president. The members are divided into different departments- marketing, technical, content & corporate handling, promotion and resource management.
My team is unique because we are well structured unlike other college societies, there is transparency of work and we do not belong to one particular department in college. We believe in work ethics and fulfilling the vision of why The Round Table exists. Also the team remains active throughout the year.

2. How long do you need to plan for any event.

It usually takes 1.5 months of preparation to plan and execute the event. It begins with deciding the theme of the event, deciding the speakers , budget and then executing the same.

3. Two recent events by your society have been doing rounds for being very innovative. Tell us something about them.

We recently conducted our annual event “INTELLOSPHERE’17″on 9 and 10 Feb, 2017. The theme of this event was “Kalam Youth Festival” with the tagline of “Let not your passion die”. It saw speakers like Piyush Mishra, Shobhit banwait, Unmukt Chand, RJ Naved etc. Kirorimal College Model United Nations was also conducted for the first time in the history of KMC. It was an initiative to conduct one of the best and world renowned conferences in the world.
Eduneeti was conducted on 22 and 23 September 2016. The event saw the dilemmas and problems in higher education system and how politicians, academicians and students collectively bring a change in the education policy. Speakers- Dr. PN Mukherjee ( chaiperson, NMIMS), Mr. Srijan pal Singh ( chief advisor to Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam) and Ms. Sonal Kalra. We ensure that every event is academic with quality speakers. This makes us unique.

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4. How did you make it happen? What were the difficulties you encountered?

We were Highly motivated by our principal, Dr. Dinesh Khattar and our staff advisor Dr. Rupak Dattagupta. We sent invites to Eminent personalities from various fields and got together sponsors for money. Money was used on logistics and event set up.
Difficulties were many- there were issues with getting the required funds. Our college does not have functional auditorium so it was quite difficult to make alternative arrangements for the speakers’ session. We also had to ensure quality of speakers suited to the theme. Managing the team well and ensuring everyone got due credit was also important.

5. What was the target audience? Do you target audience from colleges other than DU as well?

Target audience for Kalam youth festival was college students from various colleges and universities. There was participation of over 1000 students in various activities.
Target audience for MUN was between the age group 16-25. We had delegates from various cities, namely Hyderabad, Kerala, Chandigarh.

6. How do you feel with the response you’ve got?

Very happy indeed. The participation was up-to the expectations. The crowd was pumped up for various activities and more importantly the speakers’ session was house full.

7. What are the strategies that you follow to make your event a huge success?

Ensuring the presence of eminent personalities, widespread promotion through innovative strategies and maintaining the quality of activities is the key to success for our event.

8. How was KMC MUN different from other colleges’ MUN?

KMC MUN being the maiden edition of MUN in KMC was a huge success. We ensured quality of the conference by having the most experienced executive board. We ensured good quality of logistics, food and more importantly the hospitality to the delegates and members of executive board at reasonable fee.

round table

9. How do you like to celebrate your success?

We end the event by discussing about each member- their positives and every member shares his/her experience. At the end there is a success party.

10. What is your style of leadership?

Having a well organised structure is important in maintaining a team. The members are accountable to their department heads and dept heads are in turn responsible to the President. Coordinators work as a catalyst and bring together all departments to ensure smooth functioning.
As a leader, I personally believe- it is very important to allow the members to express themselves. I believe in being strictly sweet. They are given freedom to take decisions according to their experience and post. But at the same time they are also held accountable for the work done.

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11. What suggestions would you give to youth teams trying to organize such events?

It is very important to be Highly determined and ensure people sharing same level of dedication and commitment are on-board. It is important to work with transparency and collective team efforts can ensure success for any event.

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