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His Brilliant Poetry Is Creating A Great Buzz In Social Media ! Meet The Writer Of ‘ Bagair Mazhab Wali Duniya’ & ‘Voh Saath Din’- Which Are Literary Masterpieces !

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Poetry is created from the soul, it feeds on your emotions and squeezes out every ounce of creativity from your delicate bones. It cannot be summed up or critiqued in a few short words. It’s a strong desire that remains embedded deep down in our heart; unless we discover it or someone pulls out that beauty from within.

Just like it happened in case of Faizan, when his mother noticed the  seed of poetry germinating in his heart, she started nourishing it. So that one day it grows up wise and broad to keep people in his shelter of beautiful words. Faizan is creating a lot of buzz in social media with his beautiful pieces like “Bagair mazhab wali duniya”,”voh saat din”. He really seems like a talented writer and his work is brilliant.Let’s explore his story, experiences and dive into the world of poetry with a twist.

Faizan Faizz writer poet unheard poetry
Faizan In Action

In conversation with Faizan :


-Tell us something about your thoughts on the importance of poetry in your life?

Ans- The reason you are interviewing me today is poetry.The language through which I speak to people is poetry.The emotion that binds my thoughts with the unnoticed happening is poetry.

-As you are a college student ,does these stage shows or writing poems hamper your studies?

Ans- Definitely not.
Its because of studies that inculcated the pen of thoughts within me for writing poetry.
No one would want to hear someone who is nil in education. People only like to hear one who holds certain prominence.
faizan unheard poetry interview ss
A masterpiece by Faizan

-Was your quality of writing poetry  appreciated and supported by your family?

Ans- Without their support and belief in me it would not have been possible for me to write poems. They were present at every step of my journey so far and I am blessed to have them by my side.

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-What are your hobbies? What do you like doing apart from writing poems?

Ans- Observing is one thing that I love doing. Because, by observing, you understand the subject and when you understand the subject well, you write well. I love reading a lot. Sometimes cooking also works for me.

-As a kid were you always interested in poetry? Who was/is behind your keen interest in poems?

Ans- No. Initially I never thought that I would end up writing poems. It was my mom who inspired me the most and also my journey in Mumbai is a reason for me to start writing.
faizan s faizz poet writer interview
Making a mark in the poetry world- Faizan

-What is the main theme of your poetry?

Ans- There is no particular theme for my writing style. The only thing that I follow is every story should have a humanistic approach.

 -What message do you convey to people or society through your poetry?

Ans- There is so much happening around us that goes unnoticed or we don’t want to notice.
Don’t let any thing hit your brain so easily. Just work on yourself and don’t get so easily influenced by everybody around you.

-Which was your first stage performance and how was the experience?

Ans- The very first stage was of “The Poetry Club, Mumbai”. When the response is something which you can’t expect then the feeling is wonderful. Yes I was little nervous before my performance but the support was incredible which motivated me.
fiazan faiz india interview poetry
Hail for the glory- Faizan

-Tell us something about the goal that you have set for your life? I mean do you want to make your mark here or try something else?

Ans- As I am an aspiring journalist. I also want to set up my career as a news anchor apart from writing. But I will serve the literature till my last breath.

-How has the fame at such a young age change your life?

Ans- Honestly it has not. Because I didn’t let it effect me. Positively yes, the fame that I got had always motivated me to do better and bigger. But on the other hand when ever I chose a new topic for writing I start as its my first time.

-And my last question,  is there any message that you would like to give to the society?

Ans- Don’t be a part of the crowd. Be the voice that is audible. Stand for your opinions, right opinion. Stand for the truth and most importantly believe yourself.

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