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21 year old Enigmatic and Celebrated Writer From Delhi Who Is Bringing A Revolution In The Literary World- Deepanshu Gupta- A Writer, Poet and CA !

Deepanshu Gupta, a 21 year old writer from New Delhi, is emerging as the new age author and poet, who writes about love, life and motivation. Reviving the long lost love for Hindi language by the way of his poetry on his Instagram microblog named as ‘Writersgram’, he also authored a novel ‘Two Dots’.

Reaching out to countless people through his Instagram microblog, Deepanshu is all set to fill the air with change, by writing poetry on various topics ranging from love to motivation. His novel ‘Two Dots’ was released recently, and attempts to explain the power of belief in love. While thousands of people following him, he feels blessed even if he’s able to inspire just one. He is also pursuing Chartered Accountancy and besides writing, helps people get their books published.


 In conversation with Deepanshu Gupta- Writer | CA | 2 DOTS

 1. What evoked your creative interest towards writing?

To be very honest, I never knew that I had a thing for writing. I was never a writer unlike it is the case with many writing professionals and authors. But the day I started writing, sharing it with people, I developed a liking for it. It all started with a quote I wrote though I never knew it would grow this huge.

2. Was being a writer your childhood dream?

My childhood dream was to be a police officer, which changed to be an engineer once I grew up a bit and somewhat settled at being a Chartered Accountant when I had to make a choice for my career. Being a writer came out of the box, and perhaps the only thing that could have brought a smile on my face out of anything else, I could have chosen, though I am pursuing Chartered Accountancy as well.

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3. You are Blogger as well, how do you manage to make your content unique and creative from others?

When I started sharing my content with people, it felt nice. Soon, people started connecting with it and it gave a boost to me as well. The readers became an inspiration and that kept me going. Today, my Instagram family of 20,000 people is what helps me keep my content unique and different. When people tell you that they wait the whole day for just one piece of poetry from you, it becomes more of a responsibility for you to bring that content to them and keep the trust alive. Using different themes, taking in suggestions from the readers is what helps me keep my content different. Also, I share only self written content which, I feel, is another factor that stands out.


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4. What inspired you to write this book “Two Dots”?

Experiences from my life, from the lives of people around me, from those people whom I observed, inspired me to write this novel. While there are thousands of love stories written daily in different parts of the world, I wanted to write only one. And that’s what ‘Two Dots’ is for me. Of all the people I came across, I found most of them ending up giving up on love. This generation has been in more heartbreaks than in love. And to change the perspective towards love, I felt like writing something different and thus, Two Dots.


 5. What’s Two Dots all about?

Two Dots is a love story of a girl with a broken heart and a guy who hopelessly falls for her. It is all about the power of belief in love. Sameer, the lead, is mistaken by Akira Khan (the girl), who mistakes his want for her happiness as his love for her. The central idea of the story is to reflect on how beautiful love is and how reciprocation is not what is required. It conceptualizes that there is always space for love in our life, no matter how harsh life has been with us. The little story of Akira’s divorced parents also throws light upon the power of love and forgiveness. In short, as I mentioned in the sub-title of my book, ‘Two Dots’ is all about how ‘time takes us to places and love brings us back’.

6. What’s the procedure to get a book published? Was it difficult to get it done?

The procedure to get a book published can be called really very simple, but the catch lies in the slush piles with the publishers. Most of the traditional houses receive thousands of submissions daily, which makes it difficult for a manuscript to get noticed. Even if it gets selected, publishing is really a very slow and long process.
And in case you do not hear from them or can’t wait for long, the new age vanity publishers are always there to kick off your book in as soon as 30 days!
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7. “Paribhasha” a book curated by you, how did you managed to select the work from 41 different writers?

Getting Paribhasha in its present form was a mammoth task. When I started promoting the idea, I received nearly 100 submissions. After layers of reviews and selections, I narrowed them down to 41. It was very time consuming to read every single submission, yet every writer had something or other to teach me. That was the only thing which helped me create this book. Some of the writers were the ones with whom I had previously worked, and some were new. Yet, this poetry book was enough to teach me a lot since I published it myself beginning from getting the manuscript ready to selling on Amazon!

 8. After “Two Dots”and “Paribhasha” what are your upcoming works? And what you aim in the field of writing?

I am working upon a book that touches upon some psychological aspects of human life. That is one novel I wish I would write with a lot of patience and soul, since it is the genre I love the most. Besides I am also working upon my poetry collection which I plan to release early next year.
In the field of writing, I plan to write books on different themes, social causes and non-fiction too. I just aim to write in a way that the reader connects with it instantly. I feel that if that happens, bestseller and established would just be mere words. Besides, I plan to create a small publishing platform specifically for the people bringing out their first book so that they do not have to face any troubles while getting their work published.
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Quotes from 2 Dots

9. How does your family take your success ?

I won’t call it success until the day I touch the heart of millions and inspire them. My family, well, supports me in every initiative I take, be it small or bad. When I wrote Two Dots, my parents didn’t know that I write. But when they came to know about this, they had a different level of happiness on their face. They motivate me a lot and take pride in whatever little I achieve. My family motivates me to pursue both my passions, and makes sure that I maintain the correct balance between the two.

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