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“Satisfaction Lies Only In Finding The True Meaning Of Life”- Meet Priya Priyambada, The Solo Traveler And A WanderLust Girl Of Travel Blogging Visiting Different Places Of The World To Pursue Her Aim Of Life


“If we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of having feet”

When it comes to traveling, she is a wanderlust girl who has started her travel journey from one city to another and gone to one country to another. Priya Priyambada is one of those travel bloggers who has travelled and gathered knowledge from different places of India. Today we are presenting before you the exclusive interview of Priya where she has spoken about her travelling experiences, amazing facts and lot more. Born in Bhadrak, the glamour industry was the first choice for Priya Priyambada. She was crowned Miss Stylish Odisha and has also featured in a Daboo Rattnani show in 2015. Priya was also a part of a reality show in Channel V and has appeared for many calendar shoots.

From being a model to a solo traveller, Priya Priyamabada has tried everything which gives a woman a sense of freedom. She has travelled across the length and breadth of the country- from Rajasthan to the North East and from the neighbouring West Bengal to the pristine Kerala. Her recent international trip to Thailand has prompted her to travel more, and the United Kingdom could soon be her next destination.

Priya Priyambada,  it looks like she can slay any Bollywood actresses with her sparkling beauty.  She is always passionate about her work commitments. Apart from work, she is a solo traveler. And that’s not all, Priya is also a blessed writer. In simple terms, she is a multi-talented personality who always remains zestful in life.


Pride of Indian Travel Blogging Industry, Priya Priyambada!

In talks with Priya – 

1. Priya, being a travel blogger how is your life like what are the challenges or experiences you have gained till now?

I’m so much in love with my life being a solo traveler and being a travel blogger, I always wondered about life in a very different way and now is the time I’m living it fully, the way I ever imagined for. Challenges are like being a female solo traveler sometimes I have faced most anti-social individuals in my way, but I always stay ready for all these sudden events. Mind set, and our words are the most powerful tool. I have handled all these things with a brave mind and with a common sense by planning my own route, staying in crowds, taking taxis to home if it is worrying about walking at night. Adapting to a solitary life is a key to learning about life on the road.

2. You have almost every place in India. Do you wish to travel out of India? What places are in your travel already?

Yes I have traveled maximum places in India, and I sponsor my own trip by myself by working and blogging…And of course it’s my desire to see the world and to visit every country and I’m working for it. Till now I have visited so many island of Thailand. Most probably this year I’m covering 2 or 3 countries more. I have travelled to Goa, Kerala, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan;  almost all travel destinations in my own country and Thailand.

3. What do you think has more fun traveling solo or travelling in a group?

For me more fun is traveling solo, it shows me how capable I’m handling my life without any assistance. I can experience freedom in many ways when I travel alone, I can enjoy the breath taking, heart stopping views all by myself. It pushes me out from my comfort zone and to do things which I thought it’s impossible for me to do alone. I always overcame my fear and weaknesses!


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4. You have travelled so many places till now. Please share any interesting experience of yours.

Well, there are a lot of such experiences I had in my lifetime while travelling. I’m sharing one of the most exciting yet terrifying experiences that I had last year when I was at Ranthambore National Forest, in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. It was a tiger safari, a territory of more than 50 Bengal tigers and a lot of other wild species. One of my friend was working there at the forest department and with his help I was able to fulfill the craziest dream of mine and that was “I went to the jungle by the travel jeep at the midnight, to just experience the night scene, I heard the roars of the wildest animals, loud and deep sounds of other animals. It was damn scary, horrifyng experience. Although, I did it with the excitement. In a wild, deadly jungle only two persons in a jeep, exploring the nightlife of wild animals and it is the craziest yet extraordinary experience in my life till date.

5. Travelling across different places you would have met so many different types of people. What is the most beautiful thing you found about new places and people?

The beautiful thing that I have experienced is Love…I was a stranger to every place wherever I have visited, but the people had welcomed me like I’m their own guest, the treatment and hospitality I received was out of the world…Being a girl when I was about to worry, I felt safe among those people. And I loved there tradition, culture, unity, and hospitality very much. I realized that the world is not that much cruel the way it seems!

6. Priya which is your favorite destination till the date?

My favorite Destination till now is Maya Bay, Thailand. I love each and every place very much. But that place Maya bay was an escape from the real human race…It is situated inside the ocean…and I loved the vibes I got from this place…It was very much adventurous.

Priya, in one of her photoshoots.

7. How does it feel to travel alone? Which accessories is your constant companion in your journey?

The essentials I carry are torch light, sun glasses, sunscreens, cotton towel, first aid kit, An army knife, camera stand, extra cam battery, tissue paper…. are the accessories which are my major concern in my every back packing.

8. Being a traveler you would have seen life with a different perspective. Priya what’s your definition of LIFE.

For me definition of life is to learn what is to be comfortable with yourself, to sit happy in your own skin, and love the person you are, have been and still becoming... And most importantly to find meaning and purpose in your life.

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