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Ranjini Sengupta – An Anchor And An Actor Who Believes In Spreading Happiness Through Words!


“Well, we all have that one person in our life who is the ‘Phoebe’ in our ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, I would love to describe myself as that person”, this is what she says as she introduces herself to the world.

Not just passion, but hard work and dedication are the two outlying lines that lead her to the way of success. With larger-than-life dreams, extreme hard work has always been her success mantra. From anchoring, to acting in short films, and even making her own music videos, success is something that she has always seen and still strives for the same. Lets meet an extremely outgoing and fun-loving (the two words that would fit her) Ranjini Sengupta who apart from her work, loves meeting new people, travelling and is a big time foodie as well.

Ranjini interacting with kids in a show

In a conversation with Ranjini:

  1. Please tell us something about your educational background?

    I did my early schooling from St. Joseph’s High School, Matigara and then from Delhi Public School, Siliguri. Following this I started my Engineering in Computer Science at Surendra Institute Of Engineering and Management, where after giving my 5th semester I dropped out to pursue my passion, as I never saw myself sitting behind the desk and working.

  2. How, when and why did you choose this as your career?

    I always wanted to do what I am doing.  I have been an anchor since I was just 5 years of age, guided by my mother Smt. Nandini Bhattacharyya, who is my complete support system. She was in the same field of profession and I always idolised her and wanted to be like her someday.

  3. What made you work for music videos and short films?

    I always had this passion for acting and moreover I am a learner. I love having new experiences and learning something new from it. I have tried acting just out of love, thought it would turn out to be nothing, but the response that I got from the people really motivated me and boosted me to move forward with it.

    Short films:
    Tring Tring
    Ochin Pakhi

    Ranjini singing
  4. Who were your main early influences? From where did you get the inspiration or ideas to do the same?

    Like I already said, my mother, she has been a pillar for me throughout. She is the strongest, most elegant lady I have ever come across. No matter how tough the situation is she always keeps me going. What ever I am today is because of her.

  5. “The first time I ever faced a camera was..”

    Oh! That was a wonderful memory! I was 3 years old when I had to sing in front of the camera for a television show, though I dont have much memory of the same, I am told that I did not stop singing and as I was dragged away, I started crying. (seems like I was always destined for it.)

    Getting ready to speak at a show at city centre
  6. One of your most memorable experiences..

    Okay! So this is very close to me. When I was in school, one of my teachers, she was really mean to me and had broken me down mentally with various discouraging words. Quoting her, “Your daughter has no future. Get her married as she might at least do something in the kitchen”, as told to my mother. Few months back I was offered a show at a school where she was the Rector, and I was hired by her as the Master of the Ceremonies at the Carnival there, and at the end of the show she was the one to felicitate me with “Khada”, flowers and memento. That is when I realised that how powerful can ones hard work and dedication be. Anchoring is my biggest strength.

  7. You have performed a lot of stage shows and faced the cameras. How does criticism from the audience keeps you motivated? Do you feel you’ve reached your goals?

    I am still a long way from my goal. This is just the beginning. As far as criticism is concerned, I haven’t had any bad encounters yet. The audience has always been a sweetheart. They keep motivating me, guiding me and supporting me. I would be nothing without their love and support.

  8. How much effort really goes in while coming up with whole new ideas, concepts so that the audience are not bored with the same old concepts?

    I have this weird mind where such ideas keep popping up. I am a crazy person and I always end up making people laugh, hence I wouldn’t say that i need to work hard to come up with concepts… they just come…

    Spreading happiness among people
  9. How do you find success in this field of profession as you chose it?

    I have already shared an incident, there are many more which made me realise that when you do something that you love, that you are passionate about, you become empowered in a different level altogether. I have had many such audiences who were going through some tough times but I made them laugh, I spread happiness. When families, friends and lovers come and play the games with me, I can see how happy people are with each other, how simpler life can be with a little bit of laughter, that is where I get my work satisfaction… that is when I succeed…

  10. Could you share with us a few achievements of yours?

    I had been hosting a talk show in a television channel. Later on I started Freelancing and have done over 500 shows in North-East India. I have also Acted in various Short Films and Music Videos.

    Hosting shows
  11. Did you face any struggles for reaching on this platform where you are today? How did you cope up and overcome those struggles?

    Everyone has their stuggles to fight. I personally would not want to categorise my journey as a stuggle, because at every step I learnt something new, I got a little stronger and I enjoyed every moment of it. I believe the journey has just begun, there is a lot more to travel.

  12. Any future plans ?

    I would love to be the Ellen DeGeneres of Indian Television some day!

    Ranjini with her audience before the show
  13. Any advice you want to share with the readers out there.

I would want to tell everyone that follow your heart. Do what feels right at the present. Work hard, stay honest. Don’t let others intimidate you. Listen to everyone but make your own decisions. Last but not the least, Keep spreading Love and Happiness where ever you go, however you can.

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