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Meet Summer Jacobs, A Model Inspiring Youngsters To “Follow There Bliss”


Summer Jacobs from Pune was crowned as the winner of recently concluded World Supermodel India 2017 pageant in Mumbai. After which she made an impressive appearance in India’s Next Top Model Season 3.She stands 5’7″ tall and is currently pursuing her education in Arts. She is professionally trained for pageants at The Tiara Institute.


In a conversation with her:

1. The journeys of different shows give us the wonderful experiences of life. Summer, How would you describe your journey of India’s Next Top Model

My journey at India’s next top model was by far the most amazing thing that has happened to me because I’ve always watched America’s next top model and wished that it happened in India and when it did, I auditioned. Though it was a lot of hard work to get through the auditions, but it was another achievement added to my list. The experience was nothing like I may ever think of doing in my life, the challenges and tasks and the exposure or the people who taught us and shot with us, all of it combined made me feel like this is what I’m meant for, this is me.

2. Success comes to those who are willing to work for it. What is your success mantra Summer?

My success mantra is to keep pushing myself and keep trying to achieve more than I can because giving up and regrets for me aren’t an option.

The confident winner of the India’s Teen Supermodel

3. Inspirations helps us in achieving several things, Summer, who inspired you to make your career in Modeling?

My biggest inspiration has always been my mom, she was a model before she got married and had always groomed me and dressed me to look my best and be the best and that I feel is very important, I wanted to do it for me as well as for her.

Performing a daring task so beautifully at India’s Next Top Model Season 3

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4. Summer, what was the reaction of your family when you told them you want to pursue your career in the field of modeling?

I have a very supportive family who believes in me and stands by my every decision, they were very understanding and supportive when it came to modeling.

5. In this era of ever changing fashion, how do you keep yourself up with the latest designs and fashion?

I’ve always had an eye for looking my best not for anyone but for me. I keep myself updated all the time with the latest trends all over and try to cope with them.

Living her dream, achieving milestones!

6. In the interview round of a reality show you said that you suffer from the Hyperthyroid. Summer, inspite of having it, you have achieved so many things in your life till now. What routine do you follow for working hard?

Yes, I have hyperthyroid but no disease can make me stop pursuing my dream. It’s not easy but I’ve never let that get in the way. I believe for me it’s more of building a mental strength and that has worked in my favor.

7. Summer, you have achieved so much in your life till now but what is that one thing which you are waiting to achieve?

Victoria’s secret has always been my dream, I know I may not have the height for it but I don’t want to give up on the dream. I want to know that I atleast tried.

8. Any message you want to give to all the youngsters out there?

I would just like to say to all the youngsters out there, if there’s a fire in you to pursue something go for it and keep trying till you achieve it, nothing in life is easy.

The girl with the never giving up attitude
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